BREAKING: 10 Ways to Learn Dutch FAST! (FREE e-book)

Do you think learning Dutch is hard? That it will probably take a VERY long time before you’ll even say your first Dutch words? Think again! is the original online Dutch learning center. For over 12 years now. So if we share tips and tricks with you, you can rest assured they work. Brace yourselves for the 10 best ways of learning Dutch fast and easy. Get ready to learn the Dutch language faster than ever! Download the FREE e-book version of this article here.

1. Listen to Dutch radio as much as you can

To learn any language fast, you have to immerse yourself in that particular language. Due to the corona pandemic and now the economic crisis, it’s been hard to make Dutch friends. Everyone is inside, either isolated or working. And we Dutchies are not particularly open or extremely social, too (sawry!), so a failsafe way to still get exposed to the Dutch language and culture on a daily basis is to listen to the Dutch public radio througout the whole day. Buy a cheap, small radio if necessary. Program your car radio on Radio 1-3, listen to Dutch radio when cooking or in the shower – and before you know you’ll start understanding what those Dutch lunatics are saying!

2. Watch Dutch films and series

Ever heard of hit series Undercover on Netflix?

Learning any language can be sped up by combining this with watching your favorite series, movies or anime. This is one of the best ways of learning Dutch fast and easy, since you’re mixing business with pleasure. So, even if you’re not particularly feeling like learning Dutch, doing it while looking at your favorite characters on screen will motivate you and forget the less fun parts (of studying Dutch).

3. Watch films and series with Dutch subtitles

This is the upgrade: watching your favorite series and films with Dutch subtitles. If you’re using Netflix in the Netherlands, you’ll have the option to switch to Dutch subtitles for most of the movies and series on the streaming service. This will help you to learn Dutch fast, since you’re – again – combining fun with education. That’s how many Dutch kids learnt English from cartoons while growing up!

4. Don’t learn Dutch from an app

Of course we are aware of certain popular apps that advertise being ‘the best way to learn Dutch/any language’. The truth however is that the best way to learn any language is immersion. And an app on your phone can only be a small part of this immersion; never the whole system. A personal online teacher is way better (totally not biased here).

Don’t just trust our word on it. It’s science, brah. The classic structure of teacher and student, mentor and mentee, is of all ages and civilizations because it works. An app can never replace this. We humans are social beings and accountability is the one thing that makes us achieve things we never even dreamt of.

Learn Dutch fast and easy with these top 10 tips in the Blog now!
What would learning Dutch mean for your life in Holland?

5. How to learn Dutch?

There are many ways to learn Dutch. You could just start speaking and learn by trial-and-error – like children do. This takes confidence and perseverance. Another way would be self-study: you can learn alot from reading Dutch books, consuming Dutch news and watching your favorite series with Dutch subtitles and/or audio. You can also buy a Dutch learning method and start studying, maybe with friends or family.

Download the FREE ebook version of the 10 ways to learn Dutch fast and easy HERE.

The best way would be to learn Dutch from and with a professional teacher, that studied Dutch language and culture and will hold you accountable regularly. Why? Because an actual Dutch teacher knows all the ins and outs regarding Dutch and can give you exactly what you need, so you reach your goals with the Dutch language as fast as possible.

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Another important reason: a teacher is not your friend or family. A Dutch teacher therefore can perfectly hold you accountable, because this persons’ sole purpose is to teach you Dutch. Yes, a LDO Teacher will make sure you’ll have fun too (we are talking about Dutch after all), but that’s just because you’ll try better if you smile more. Click here if you’re ready to seriously learn Dutch online.

You probably think ‘Yes, of course you guys write a paid course is the best way, otherwise you’d be out of business’.

..and that’s true, obviously. But it’s also proven that learning Dutch one-on-one from an expert that knows how to teach is actually the most effective way to learn the language. That’s why this is the mode of learning for centuries, practically everywhere. Also: we humans work hard for what we think is important to us; spending a bit of money your Dutch learning is not only an investment that’ll last for a lifetime, but also the incentive your mind needs. Paying some of your dough will, even if it’s just somewhere deep in your soul, tell you learning Dutch is important, because you spent your hard-earned money on it. Hence you will be extra motivated to learn Dutch. It’s just basic psychology!

Lastly, learning Dutch 1-on-1 online is the best of the best though. Because it’s saves you time and money. Yes money – since you won’t have to pay travel costs or for parking and your time probably is also worth something. Another benefit is you can follow your lessons whenever and wherever you are (that’s actually two advantages). Also, COVID-19 is still a thing, and you’re doing most of your meetings online already, so what the heck? It’s the 21st century, baby!

Want another way to learn the Dutch language fast? A good way to learn Dutch fast is to get to know the answers to the most common questions about the language..Here!

6. Get to know the 10 most common Dutch words and use them every single day. This is one of the essential ways of learning Dutch FAST and easy!

Is Dutch hard to learn? Not with this pro tip! To learn Dutch fast, you can’t go without getting to know the most common Dutch words. These words are used by Dutchies every single day. If you pay attention, you can hear them too. Alot. And if you don’t yet, you will after this!

So, what are the 10 most regularly use Dutch words?

  • De
  • Ja
  • En
  • Een
  • Ik
  • Dat
  • Van
  • Is
  • Die
  • In
  • Niet

Start using these words from now on if you want to learn the Dutch language FAST. Extra tip: write at least 5 sentences with these words every single day. Use them in your conversations at work and with friends and neighbours for example. Thank us later!


7. Learn the HARDEST Dutch word..

Here it is: meteorologisch. Yes – it means meteorological. According to us Dutchies, this is the hardest Dutch word. Learn how to use this one properly, and all other Dutch words suddenly become alot sweeter on your tongue..

8. …and the LONGEST Dutch word!

Ever heard of meervoudigepersoonlijkheidsstoornis? Probably not, because then you’d probably on a plane back home or home already. It’s the longest Dutch word. Just try to read it out loud. You know if you master this one, all other Dutch word suddenly become alot easier to say, right? So go for it! Practice it everyday, everywhere. It helps, like with most Dutch words, to divide it into the stresses: meer-vou-di-ge-per-soon-lijk-heids-stoor-nis. Got it?

9. What word order does Dutch use?

SVR and SVO. Wait, what? Yes – Subject – Verb – Rest or Subject – Verb – Object is the regular word order of a basic Dutch sentence. In this sense, Dutch is similar to English. Most basic (short) Dutch sentences can therefore be translated directly to English and vice versa. If this tip didn’t made learning Dutch easier, we don’t know what will..(just kidding)..

10. What is the difference between geen and niet?

Geen is no/none. Niet is not. Geen is only used before indefinite nouns, while niet is used is all other cases. The most important ways when using niet for beginners are

  • After the main/finite verb in the main sentence
  • After a specific object
  • After a specification of time
  • Before a preposition

If you’re looking for more free content on niet and geen, go here.

BONUS 11. Where can I learn Dutch grammar online?

Here, and of course, here.

BONUS 12. where can I watch Dutch videos online, subtitled in English/Dutch? – which is free. This is a great site containing most of the popular Dutch shows airing on Dutch public television. Is Dutch hard to learn? Not after 1000 hours of Uitzendinggemist!

BONUS 13. What is the difference between want and omdat?

Want does not change the order of a Dutch sentence and omdat does. And that’s it. Omdat moves all verbs in the sentence to the end of the (main) sentence. Like most conjunction words. These are hard (strict) rules, as opposed to soft (flexible) rules.

Enjoyed reading about the 10 best ways of learning Dutch FAST and easy? Need a FAILSAFE way to learn Dutch online? Go here! And don’t forget to share your own tips on how to the learn Dutch language fast and easy in the comments!