Free Dutch Learning clips in 1080P HD quality: learn Dutch grammar, practical sentences, vocabulary and culture with the 1-minute How to Dutch video’s by! You can learn some Dutch everywhere, anytime you want..For FREE! Looking for a real online or Dutch course with a professional, experienced teacher? Click here!

Ever wondered how to use the Dutch prepositions? Find out now with this short clip!
Learn how to make negative sentences in Dutch!
Learn how to ask questions in Dutch with this clip of How to Dutch grammar by!
Ever wondered how to say because in Dutch? There are actually two common ways of saying it! Check this short Dutch grammar clip to find out which ones.


Learn how to use Er in Dutch with this clip of How to Dutch grammar by!

Learning Dutch never has been easier. With an incredible influx of (highly skilled) migrant, expats, refugees and otherwise internationals, the Dutch learning market is exploding. We at offer the full spectrum of Dutch learning. You can learn Dutch for free using the ever-growing resources on this website, of which these free 1080P HD Dutch learning clips are a perfect example.

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How can you use these free Dutch learning clips?

Learning Dutch can be hard. That’s why these clips are short and to the point. You can use these explanatory clips on the go, in the tram on your way to work, on the bathroom – wherever and whenever you want. With these free compact, high quality Dutch learning clips in 1080P high definition you can always learn Dutch!

To benefit even more, do the exercises given in these short clips, and listen and watch them at least twice a week. Repeat the examples out loud, together with your own sentences.

Another great tip to benefit from these free Dutch learning clips is to apply what you’ve learnt from them on a daily basis: with Dutch friends, neighbours, at your work at your local Dutch supermarket..The possibilities are endless. Look for Dutch ‘taalcafés’, language tandems or simply volunteers kind enough to help you learn Dutch, and use these high quality clips as a reference and practice. Succes! (= good luck!).