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Learn the Dutch you need with flexible, no-strings attached subscription packages. Dutch for work. To help your kids at school. Dutch for daily, practical use. A2 Dutch for your inburgering. B2, to finally be able to use Dutch independently. C2, to work or study at the highest levels in Dutch, in the Netherlands. Whatever your Dutch language journey is, you will reach your goals with the courses of

The Go Dutch-packages offer you the chance to learn Dutch at your level and at your pace. Do you want to learn Dutch really fast, in a month or 3? Or do you want to take your time, and master the language over a couple of years?

You decide – and the unique set-up of the Go Dutch-courses allows you to learn Dutch at any level as fast or slow as you prefer. Go Dutch now!

Top picks are the Intensive Month course (50 hours of private lessons with extensive, personal materials and tests included!), the Inburger Me Now!-course (online group course specifically aimed at those preparing for the inburgeringsexam/integration exam) and the Learn Dutch Now!-course, 48 hours version, in which you’ll learn Dutch at B1 level (independent user of Dutch!) in a fun and interactive 3 month-period. These courses by are your safest bet yet if you’re serious about learning Dutch fast.

Learn Dutch on ALL levels. CEFR-based. Whether you want to learn basic Dutch (A1 and A2 level), proficient Dutch (C1 and C2 level) or independent Dutch (B1 and B2 level), LDO got you covered!

Learn Dutch Online with PROVEN language teaching methods. At the ORIGINAL and OFFICIAL online Dutch school, teaching everyone Dutch for over 12 years now!

Dutch at your desired level within just days or mere weeks. It’s possible with a Dutch course from The only Dutch course with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. That’s how much believes in you and the Dutch course you’ll be following with us. The Best Dutch in the Best Way!

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Whether you’re looking for an online individual Dutch course just for you or a fun group class – got exactly what you need! Learn Dutch to improve your life in the Netherlands now.

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All of our courses can be followed individually too, which leads to the fastest results most of the time. Apply to learn Dutch now here!

What is your reason to learn Dutch? Is it

  • the inburgeringsexamen (the ‘inburgering’, Dutch civic integration exam)?
  • the staatsexamen?
  • for your work?
  • just for your integration?
  • to learn, experience something new? provides Dutch courses on all CEFR levels, works only with experienced, native speaking masters of Dutch and teaches only online.

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If you’re looking for online Dutch courses with zero or minimal contact hours, go for one of the main online (self-study) courses. These provide the same results and are charged 50% of the regular course fee (but you won’t have the benefit of a personal/group teacher).


Which online Dutch course is good for you?

That depends on your character and needs. What is your learning style? Do you learn better in a small group or individually? Does increased pressure improves your learning? Then an intensive individual course might be perfect for you!

Do you want to learn Dutch online for free?

Here on our site and on our Instagram you can find free resources. Don’t forget to download your free copy of the 300 most important Dutch expressions here, too. More e-books are available too, to be found in the LDO Blog!

You want to learn Dutch with online classes, because..

Online Dutch lessons will save you time, money and energy. You don’t have to spend money on transport. You will have more time for work and your family! And: it’s safe. Also, working and learning remotely is the new normal!

What is the best online course to learn Dutch?

The best online Dutch course is the one that is best for you. Are you looking to learn Dutch for work? For daily use? To pass your inburgering? Pick the course that meets your needs in the above registration form. You can also mail us with questions on!

Is it difficult to learn Dutch on your own?

Learning Dutch on your own can be a challenge. Alot of Dutch people will speak English back to you, even if you want to learn Dutch. It’s relatively hard to make Dutch friend, as Dutch society is quite individualistic. Also, the Dutch language is hard to master by yourself, for several reasons. That’s why an online course that gives you flexibility and freedom AND a teacher that holds you accountable is the optimal solution for any Dutch learner!

Learn Dutch Online FAST with a FAILSAFE Dutch course, with materials and exams always for FREE.

Whether you’re a beginner or just looking for a tutor to improve a specific pain point – is THE Dutch Academy giving you the experienced, professional and PERSONAL online Dutch teacher you need! teaches you how to communicate in Dutch CONFIDENTLY – wherever and whenever you want, in lessons that are both effective and fun. Always with the unique Golden Money Back Guarantee!

Questions, love or feedback? Mail at! Tot snel!/See you soon!