The Top 5 Best Dutch Netflix series you can watch to Learn Dutch effectively!

Can’t afford a Dutch course at the moment, or just too lazy? We got your back! Learn Dutch the millenial way, by watching the best Dutch Netflix series. Subtitles on, snacks on the table – go!

1 Overspel | IMDB: 7,9

As the Dutch have made sex into an integral part of their culture, this series was just waiting to be made. The title translates to cheating – the act of it, to be more precise. A young wife starts an affaire with a lawyer, who in turn has to face her husband in court. Tension all around. Want to understand Dutch people and their love triangles? This is your series.

Learn Dutch like a millenial with Dutch series on Netflix! - the Blog
Actor Fedja van Huet, as seen in Overspel.

2 Tabula Rasa | IMDB: 8,1

The main character of this series, Annemie, is suffering from amnesia. The plot reminds one of the movie Memento, but you have to watch it yourself to judge. If you want to improve your Dutch, maybe this is the best one yet, for you. What better way to learn Dutch from a Netflix character who has to constantly write Dutch in her diary to remember who she is, right?

3 De Affaire | IMDB: 7,2

In one of the episodes of the Affaire investigative journalists Dana Lievens (Kiki van Deursen) and Tom Waardenburg (Peter Blok) are researching the events in Srebrenica and in another one they take on the NSA: it’s an immersive, unraveling series about real-life cases – hence the name.

It gives you a unique glimpse into the life of an investigative journalist, too. This series is dramatized, which makes it fun for everyone to watch.

4 Als de dijken breken | IMDB: 6,6

This series is about the structures that defend our little country against the North Sea: the dikes. According to chairman of the National Coordination Committee for Flood Threat, Harold van Waveren, chances of flooding of the Benelux (Belgium – Netherlands – Luxembourg) are not to be played with. He states this Netflix series does a good job making people aware of this fact. The literal translation of the title of this series is When the dikes break.

5 Undercover | IMDB: 7,9

The last and absolute winner in this list of best Dutch Netflix series: Undercover. Undercover is about the drugs mobs in Brabant and Belgium. This utmost succesful Dutch series is one of the if not the best in recent years. It’s a collab between Belgium (where they speak a form of Dutch, too) and the Netherlands.

The best Dutch Netflix series to learn Dutch? You got it! - the Blog
Anna Drijver, one of the lead actors in Undercover.

Let us know what your favorite one is in the comments! Know another good Dutch series on Netflix we missed? Share it with us, too.

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