5 Frietkamer, Haarlem

This place has got 4,8 stars according to almost 300 Google reviews and scored a 8,5 on a scale of 10 on a popular national fries test.

Frietkamer translates to the ‘fries room’, and it definitely is as cosy as a warm and gezellige room. According to some, here the best fries of the Netherlands are sold. Why not try it out yourself? 😉

4 Swolsch Friethuys, Zwolle

Winner of the Algemeen Dagblads test of the best fries in 2017! The Algemeen Dagblad is one of the most popular tabloids of the Netherlands. Don’t take it from us, take it from the jury of this contest:

‘Only one word fits here: sublime. Fries can’t taste better. Crispy crust, smooth core. Plenty of potato flavor. Congratulations on the first place!’

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From the Swolsch Friethuys’ website.

A beautiful thing about the fries from the Swolsch Friethuys is: they’re 100% free from additives. You eat them from a cone bag 3.0, with a tray attached for your mayo and easy to rip apart. So you never have to do crazy things with your hand and vingers to get those last fries. Lol.

3 De Kafmolen, Schijndel

De Kafmolen is a family owned cafetaria, catering and party center in Schijndel. They ended second on the new contest het Lekkerste Frietje van 2019. If you check out their website, you soon find out why: the love is present, and this is tasted without doubt in their fries.

Pizza’s, burgers and the weekly Opa Toon‘s dish (named after both their grandparents) – all the ingredients for a good meal and even better time are present at de Kafmolen in Schijndel. If you’re in the area, don’t be afraid to go here with your friends and family; fries are served in bags for up to 5 people. Eet smakelijk!

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All winners of the contest ‘het Lekkerste Frietje van 2019’.

2 Vlaams Friteshuis Van Gogh, Amersfoort

Fries expert Arn calls his winning fries Comfort frites. These fries are topped with Zoervleis from Limburg, onions from Amsterdam, a bitterbal, pickles and persil. Magic!

The professional jury of the Lekkerste Frietje of 2019 praised his Comfort fries because of its simplicity and execution. A good reason to visit Amersfoort.

Arn is the owner of the Vlaams (= Flemish) Friteshuis Van Gogh and the winner of the new contest ‘het Lekkerste Frietje’, where the fries are homemade. This place certainly offers one of the best Dutch fries and is in business since 1999 and even offers recipes on its cool website.

1 Manneken Pis, Utrecht and Amsterdam

The absolute number one when it comes to Dutch fries, according to Frietopia and yours truly. The joke is, these are originally Flemish fries, actually. But make no mistake; you won’t even find this ridiculous level of tastiness anywhere in Belgium.

You can buy a Schanulleke (small), an Urbanus (medium) or an Obelix (large, but not your regular large!). The amazing thing at this place is these are not your normal Dutch snack sizes; a Schanulleke is a medium sized at an average ‘friettent’ or snackbar in the Netherlands, while a medium fries at Manneken Pis would be considered a large one anywhere else.

The best Dutch fries of Holland! - the LDO Blog - LearnDutchOnline.nl

Another fun fact: Manneken Pis offers 22 different sauces to eat with your patatje!

If you are crazy (or hungry) enough to buy the biggest one they offer, better be a serious athlete or almost starved to death, as even our biggest deadlifting, bench pressing teachers at LDO had a hard time finishing this giant mountain of Dutch snackery and tasty sauces! Definitely something to put on your bucketlist and just go for. Check their locations and more out on their cool website.

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