The holiday season is just around the corner, and your local Dutch supermarket is already filling up the Sinterklaas sweets and ‘chocoladeletters’ area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have learned a bit of Dutch this year? So you can experience Halloween and especially Sinterklaas alsmost like a real Dutchie? Keep on reading if you want to celebrate Halloween and Sinterklaas in Dutch this year!

With a Dutch in 1 Month course, the Learn Dutch Now! – Course (6 to 12 weeks) or even the Intensive Month course you can start with 0 knowledge on Dutch and be done before the festivities in the Netherlands really start.

Maybe you’ve been living for quite some time in Holland already making you familiar with our Dutch quirks and weird, funny things, right?Or maybe you just made plans to move to the Netherlands.

Either way: Leaving your home and loved ones behind is a very courageous thing to do. So learning some Dutch shouldn’t actually be that hard for a hero like you. Right?

Yes – we love to be sarcastic from time to time. Or maybe always. Just check out our Instagram, where we’ve been rocking some of the best Dutch memes ever (we’re either sharing this title with the Amsterdam Shallow Man or we’re simply the best). And don’t forget to read our blog, where you’ll find regular tips and tops on Dutch language and culture – some even downloadable as free e-books.

Learn Dutch now and celebrate Halloween and Sinterklaas in Dutch with your family-in-law and friends this year in the Netherlands!
Which holidays are you celebrating in the Netherlands?

You might be wondering: why am I reading this? And why should I follow a Dutch course from you,

Well, first of all, we don’t know what you’re doing here. At least not exactly. But we can help you find an answer to your burning question, that might go alot deeper than we both realize. If you’re on this page, you’re probably looking for Dutch lessons. And you also like Halloween and maybe Sinterklaas. Maybe you want to impress your Dutch boyfriend. Or family in law. There’s also a high probability you want to follow Dutch lessons online, since you don’t want to or can’t travel to a separate location for a Dutch course.

You’re a busy, skilled international and want to make optimal use of your time. We get that.

LDO originated in Amsterdam, the absolute melting pot of the Netherlands, international life being part of our DNA since day one.

And then there’s the issue of safety; you want to make sure you can’t catch COVID. Also, remote work is the new standard. Did you know can save up to €200 if you choose to follow Dutch classes at instead of in-person classes somewhere?

The Dutch in 1 Month courses are intensive and fun month courses. Do you want to learn Dutch at any CEFR level in small and personal groups? Online? Then the DIM courses are perfect for you!

The LDN! course is our most popular small group course. Why? Probably because you get to know like-minded people that are looking for a fun and failsafe way to learn Dutch? Imagine sitting behind your favorite screen, probably at home, with your homework nicely prepared with your included materials. The session starts and your LDO Teacher greets you and starts chatting to you in Dutch, practicing your speaking right away.

Your fellow students join and you all have actual fun while embarking on this journey of learning Dutch now. During 2×2 hours for the course of 6 to 12 weeks you’ll be learning Dutch. Intensively and extensively – while having fun and making new friends. Find out more here!

The Intensive Month course is the big one. 50 hours, with state-of-the-art, personalized materials and exams included, transforming you into a Dutchie before you can say ‘kaas’. Yes – that’s a solid description. The Intensive Month has been followed by skilled internationals worldwide, that all came out the same: 100% satisfied! Find out more on the Intensive Month and other individual courses here.

Celebrate Halloween and Sinterklaas in Dutch

Sinterklaas, Christmas and New Years’ Eve are the most popular holidays of the Netherlands for the whole family (maybe coming in just after Koningsdag/Kingsday). Halloween is becoming increasingly popular but is obviously not a Dutch holiday. You can find amazing parties especially in the bigger cities surrounding this creepy holiday though.

‘Oud en Nieuw’ is what we call New Years’, and boy, do we love to celebrate this holiday with our family and/or friends! Sinterklaas en Christmas we typically reserve for family exclusively. All of these holidays are a perfect opportunity to showcase your Dutch speaking skills though. So you can bond even more with your Dutch family, colleagues and friends!

Celebrate Halloween and Sinterklaas..In Dutch!

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