LearnDutchOnline.nl has been providing the best Dutch memes for some while now. Yes, there are some worthy competitors, but overall, the creators at LDO manage to focus on both Dutch language and culture constantly. And put it all in a funny, often sharp meme. Check the top 10 most funny Dutch memes out now!

1. Squid Game #1: Old Man

Ah yes – this one always does the trick! The record-breaking Netflix series sparked a whole new genre of memes. Who doesn’t love Squid Game, right? The old man in the series is more than he seems to be. Maybe just like your Dutch skills..

We believe in you. Get over your Dutch-speaking-anxiety here!

2. Squid Game: Impossible Cookie

Another Squid Game meme! This one was so popular, the legendary Shallow Man used it in a blog article about us. Sometimes learning Dutch can seem impossible, right?

3. Stranger Things: Again, seriously?

LearnDutchOnline.nl’s most popular Stranger Thing’s meme – without a doubt! Which fan does not love this moment? The cool Steve, working his job, being totally cool as the surrogate-father of our most favorite group of youngster on Netflix. Amazing!

4. You trying to Dutch

Feel this one? The Dutch articles can be a real pain in the *ss, right? You can just keep winging it.

Or..You could actually learn how to use them, for free, here!

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5. Stranger Things: It is time

One of the creepiest moments in Stranger Things is when Vecna uses his catch-phrase: it is time!

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6. Drake telling you to learn Dutch..At LearnDutchOnline.nl!

The Drake meme is golden. Timeless. For this one, we just didn’t beat around the bush. We are the only serious Dutch school with a money-back guarantee, meaning you can get a full refund if you somehow do not reach your learning goals. Sweet, right?

7. The blue or red pill?

The new Matrix movies probably sparked the rise of this meme. The original Matrix movie is a classic already. A cult-classic even (we are getting old man!). Go watch it if you really want to understand this meme!

8. Renting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

If you’ve been looking for a house in Amsterdam, you know exactly why this meme is funny.

And a bit sad, too.

9. Dutchies abroad during Kingsday

People who’ve celebrated Kingsday in the Netherlands, will understand!

10. The Umbrella Academy: Rivals in Dutch!

The Umbrella Academy proved to be quite a nice touch of the superhero-genre. But, never forget: don’t compare yourself to others,

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Top 10 Most Funny Dutch Memes of All Times!

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