What is your number 1 reason for learning Dutch?

You might be here quite a while now, but you still haven’t really mastered the silly yet complex language that Dutch is. How come? Maybe you’re asking yourself: is learning Dutch worth it?

To answer that question, you have to ask yourself why you are here, in the Netherlands, actually. Are your goals mainly financial? Did you have other options instead of Holland? Or was it a conscious decision, and did you plan on actually becoming Dutch as well, from the beginning? 

You probably, really want to learn Dutch – because you need it.

You noticed things are alot easier here if you speak and write Dutch; better jobs (or any job!), better communication with Dutch people, a better integration overall..But what is your number one reason of actually wanting to learn Dutch? 

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You should desire to learn Dutch, and be Dutch, in order to finally master it.

So, are you doing that? If so, you are naturally interested in Sinterklaas, Kerst and Oud & Nieuw – the upcoming holidays this season. You should be celebrating it right now, honestly! Get to know about all the ins and outs on these holidays, and be able to communicate in them with everyone. 

You see, if you really desire speaking Dutch, you desire to be Dutch. You will then see it comes naturally, and becomes part of your identity. So let’s assume your hearts wish this winter is learning Dutch and being Dutch, then what’s next? 

Well, incorporate Dutch language and culture in your daily routine! Practice total immersion. Read Dutch news, blogs and papers. Listen to Dutch songs and radio. Eat pannekoeken and patat at least twice a month. Watch big soccer games with friends and family, frikandellen en kroketten included.

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