You are looking for an individual online Dutch course. You are a skilled expat that wants a course that is time-efficiënt and fits your schedule. Meet here you can enjoy ready-made online intensive individual Dutch courses and tailor made private Dutch lessons – with a personal LDO Teacher (these are no self-study courses). Online Dutch courses for skilled expats happen to be’s area of expertise.

Need a flexible individual online Dutch course? That adjust to your level, goals and preferences? There’s always a suitable individual course for you here at!

* Important: like with most of LDO’s online Dutch courses, the individual courses are also exclusive. Room for these courses is limited – mainly to maintain a high quality and optimal student experience at all times.

Learn Dutch Online 1-on-1 with an Experienced Native Dutch Teacher via Skype, Zoom or Teams!

The last years have especially shown us how precious our time is. If you have a busy expat life in the Netherlands, or are planning to move to Holland, you know the value of time more than others. Not only is learning Dutch online safe, you also save time and money:

  • By learning Dutch online you eliminate travel costs to a traditional classroom and school
  • You don’t have to spend time travelling through what’s probably a crowded city and can use that time for actual useful stuff
  • You always pay an all-in course fee if you choose to learn Dutch individually at and you always enjoy LDO’s Golden Money-Back Guarantee

If you go for individual online Dutch classes, an added benefit is you are being more efficiënt. You’re the only student and get your LDO Teachers’ full attention! You will find that your personal LDO Teacher can answer all your questions on Dutch language and culture. Your expert LDO Teacher will always give you the training that meets your personal requirements. Want to know more? Continue reading and sign up here!

Become the next happy student at! Start your Dutch journey online here today.

The best way to learn Dutch is here

An individual online Dutch course at is simply the best way reach your desired level of Dutch quickly. Why? Because you’re combining the already mentioned time-and-money-saving-benefits with intensive and personal Dutch lessons, taught by an experienced, native Dutch specialist. Also: these unique courses adapt to your level and needs regarding your Dutch journey!

You can choose from

  • The Intensive Week – Intensive Individual Online Dutch Week Course (… hours) | SIGN UP HERE
  • The Intensive Month – Intensive Individual Online Dutch Month Course (50 hours) | SIGN UP HERE
  • Dutch in 3 Days! – Intensive Individual Online Dutch 3-day Course (15 hours) | SIGN UP HERE

Want a tailor-made individual Dutch course? No problem – just mail to or go here!

Depending on your current level of Dutch you can reach any level with these online individual Dutch courses!

The Intensive Week will typically bring a beginner/fast language student from 0 to A2 and an absolute beginner/average language student from 0 to A1.

Want to get REAL serious? The Intensive Month will teach you Dutch at at least A2 level if you’re an absolute beginner – all within 1 month and 50 hours! You can conveniently schedule the 50 hours according to your preferences during this month. On average, you’ll follow 3 to 4 hours of online Dutch lessons on most days of the week. During this Intensive Month your level will be checked in several ways, focusing on your Dutch learning goals. Generally, your Dutch speaking and writing skills are checked, with exams and obligatory assignments.

Looking for a crash course Dutch? Having a relaxed week? Then the Intensive Week is perfect for you!

In 3 hours daily you’ll work on your Dutch grammar, writing and speaking. Bringing you to the level of Dutch you prefer. This online Dutch course is ideal if you’re looking for a fast way to improve your Dutch language skills. You can follow the Intensive Week if you’re a beginner, an intermediate student or even an advanced student of Dutch that wants to straighten out his Dutch!

Need to get started learning Dutch? Or want to restart your Dutch learning? Then the Dutch in 3 Days Course is ideal for you. In just 3 days you’ll go through the essentials of Dutch grammar, speaking and writing. You will follow 5 hours daily. If you want perfect your Dutch skills, this short but intensive course might also work for you. Just ask us about it!

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Want to invest in your future in the Netherlands? Start an individual online Dutch course at LDO!

Following an individual online Dutch course at means learning from true experts and lovers of Dutch language and culture. It also means that you’ll be enjoying online Dutch lessons with a teacher who teaches at a personal level and keeps your pace into account at all times. But that’s actually the same. At least to us! Because LDO’s only goals is to provide the best Dutch online courses to skilled expats, you can make use of’s Golden Money-Back Guarantee with all regular LDO courses. This means you can get a full refund if your Dutch learning goals are somehow not met (terms and conditions apply).

An individual online Dutch course at means you’ll pay a fair price for an investment in your life in Holland. Your individual Dutch lessons here can definitely

  • Help you land your dream job in the Netherlands
  • Prepare you for the Staatsexamen (I and II)
  • Get you integrated – whether you’re planning to do the ‘inburgeringsexamen’ or not!

LDO’s individual classes are your best bet for mastering the language of the Low Lands!

Whether you’re looking for

  • Online Dutch lessons for beginners
  • Dutch lessons online for intermediates
  • Online Dutch classes for advanced students can rest assured an individual online Dutch course from will meet and exceed your expectations. Coming from Amsterdam, we know a little bit about international life. We also know Dutch language and culture at the highest and deepest levels. So teaching great international people – like yourself – is second nature to us. Also, we’ve been doing it for over 12 years now. .

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