We at LearnDutchOnline.nl do not celebrate Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but we do celebrate GivingTuesday. Ready to give on GivingTuesday?

What is GivingTuesday though?

GivingTuesday is the international day of giving and selflessness. On this day, everyone is encouraged to give in every possible way. Today you can get a 15% discount on all of our regular courses with discount code GIVINGTLDO22. Use the code on our general registration page, where you can easily select one of LDO’s online Dutch courses.

One of our LDO Teachers coaching refugees and others while playing a nice game of soccer! #givingtuesday

Give on GivingTuesday (and improve your health and wellbeing, according to actual science!)

GivingTuesday might not be that well-known in the Netherlands yet, but it is especially famous in the United States. On GivingTuesday most donations are made in the US since several years now.

Participating with GivingTuesday is easy: just think of an act of kindness you can perform alone or together with friends, colleagues or class mates – and do it! All you have to do is use the hashtag #givingtuesday if you share pictures or video’s on your act of giving.

Some ideas for GivingTuesday

  • Handing out Sinterklaas’ sweets at a central point in your city/village
  • Cleaning up your street or neighbourhood
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion, online and/or offline
  • Helping out the elderly, lonely and less-abled in your neighbourhood
  • Helping out (fellow) expats and other immigrants
Give on GivingTuesday, the international day of giving!
Why you should celebrate this day instead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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