The Top 5 Best Local Gyms in Your City: Get Fit in 2020!

As usual during each January, everyone is busy training and dropping fat. So busy, they didn’t notice we’re already at half of this month (time flies so fast) and it might take just a little longer to sweat those oliebollen-and-kroketten-pounds away. Maybe you forgot to include getting shredded in your new year’s resolutions, but don’t worry: LDO compiled this list of top local gyms in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Amstelveen for and anyone else wanting to still get fit in 2020 – albeit slightly later than the usual new year resolution gym member. All of these LDO-selected local gyms are expat and international proof and score at least a 4,5 according to Google Reviews.

Whether you choose to train at one of these fine gyms, outdoor or at home, keep in mind you reach solid goals FAST by combining some form of intermittent fasting, eating mostly healthy and proteïn-rich, and by training your whole body hard 3-5 days a week. Make sure you don’t forget to actually sweat during your training, otherwise you can simply forget burning any significant fat at all. Yes, we at LDO know our fitness!

1. Core Active (Amsterdam)

Why go for this small and extra ‘gezellige’ gym, between the center and western part of the city? Well, obviously because of the location: it’s very easy to reach, in a mostly quiet area, and you can easily meet friends after or before your training. Everything is nearby, and you can take several trams and buses in the direct area. Station Lelylaan is just a few stops away, making it both easy to move within Amsterdam as outside. Fun fact: there is a Lidl next to it, so you can’t miss your bodybuilding foods!

Read about the best local gyms in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Utrecht! - the LDO Blog
Get fit in 2020!

The gym focuses on fitness and physiotherapy and has its own sauna. The professional experts (from personal trainers to masseurs) at Core Active are always ready to help you. Looking for a group workout? Their group lessons range from yoga to kickboxing – so there’s certainly something that meets your needs. Check them out here.

2. Classic Gym (Rotterdam)

Maybe the best thing about this family-owned gym is the ambiance. As you can see on their website, the gym is old school and ran by a lovely couple, with respect for everyone as one of their core values. At this gym, you’ll feel just at home. One of the owners has been a professional bodybuilder himself!

Read about the best local gyms in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Utrecht! - the LDO Blog
Source: Classic Gym Rotterdam site. They forgot the ‘t’ in ‘thuis’, but we can forgive that.

Very interesting is that you can train here with just the iron. No fancy, high-tech stuff. Just free weights, serious lifting and great people guiding you when and if necessary. Isn’t that what fitness was all about, to begin with? You won’t this at your typical franchise gym, though..Take a look at Classic Gym’s website here. They have ‘gezelligheid’ mentioned on it. That alone should make you want to go there.

3. ALL INN Fitness & Health (Utrecht)

This is one of the biggest gyms in Utrecht. They value personal attention and offer ‘booty building’ as one of their group workouts (for all our Instagram-minded followers out there), so that’s pretty up-to-date. All Inn offers their own unique training programs. personal training and has all the cardio machines out there.

Read about the best local gyms in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Utrecht! - the LDO Blog
From the ALL INN website.

With 4000m2, it’s one of the most extended gyms in Utrecht. At this very moment, you can start training there from only 20,95 (for students as well!). If you’re an expat in Utrecht looking to get fit in 2020, be sure to check them out.

4. GYM3 (Amstelveen)

You won’t even wonder if there is a GYM1 or 2, as this gym on itself is amazing. First of all, it offers a freaking nanny service. Kids? That’s no excuses anymore now. Leave them at the ‘oppas’ and get that training in! Second, it’s a gym that is open for young and old, offering everything between kickboxing and yoga. Again, this one values improving your health in the broadest sense, without compromising on personal attention or gezelligheid. Check out their beautiful website here, take a free trial lesson and find out for yourself if GYM3 in Amstelveen is the one for you.

Read about the best local gyms in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Utrecht! - the LDO Blog
Get fit in 2020! Source: GYM3 site.

5. Sparcks Sportsclub (Eindhoven)

This might look like a gym for the upper-class (and maybe it is), but it has an absolute top rating, so we can’t afford to leave them out. All joking aside, this gym is situated in an authentic monumental building, adjacent to the center of Eindhoven, on the Eikenburg estate. You can’t get a more Dutch, a more unique location than this, right? Amazing.

The gym is extremely personal and therefore believes in training in small groups. Their instagram more than supports their vision, so if you’re living in Eindhoven, and if you want to get to that better version of yourself for real, contact Sparcks in Eindhoven. As with other gyms from this list, they offer yoga, boxing, crosstraining, bootcamp training and even swimming (among even more). If you prefer to train by yourself though, Sparcks personal coaches are ready to help you reach all your individual goals. This place is pure gold. Visit their website here.

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