Win now: TOP Dutch-English dictionary, exercise book AND 5 hours of individual training!

Yes yes yes..!

Are you ready to WIN free Dutch training, materials included? This is what you’ll get:

  • A Dutch-English dictionary of one of the best publishers – Van Dale
  • One of our favorite Dutch exercise books: Vlekkeloos Nederlands (translates to ‘stainless Dutch’), covering the complete Dutch grammar together with vocabulary and even style
  • 5 hours of intensive individual ONLINE Dutch lessons, so you can make the best use of these materials!

What are you waiting for?

Follow on Instagram, like this post there and comment with at least one friend and the reason why YOU should win this deal, which will definitely help you on your way to Dutch fluency! has been providing Dutch lessons to young and old, from all over the word. For over 10 years now. Online and offline, in groups and individually. You can rest assured we can always help you when it comes to learning Dutch. For work, integration, or just for fun.

Don’t miss this chance to win FREE Dutch training, materials included!

When everything returns to normal, you have something to rely on: a nice set of Dutch study materials and a foundation which you can build on.

During these difficult COVID-19 times, you can benefit alot if you focus on your growth. One of the best ways is to keep on learning new things. Alot of our fans on Instagram already commented with their reasons for wanting to have this package. What is your reason?

How this incredible deal can benefit you..

  • You are moving to the Netherlands, and need to learn the language in order to integrate
  • You need to learn Dutch in order to get a job (or keep it!)
  • You need to pass your civic integration exam (inburgering), to get a Dutch passport
  • You want to know what the hell everyone is talking about, and understand Dutch friends, neighbours and the people at the store!

Well, don’t wait any longer. And if you have any doubts, go here, or feel free to message us at any time. LDO is here for you, to help you with anything Dutch!

That’s why you can count on this sweet deal. Win free Dutch training, materials included. Just for you!

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