Top 5 Best Tips on Shopping Like A Dutchie

It’s no secret that we Dutch know how to save..And be greedy! Even when it comes to clothing, we know how to keep it tight (in both ways) and frugal. So here we go –’s five best tips on shopping like a real Dutchie!


  1. Shop at Zeeman, Wibra and Lidl


Zeeman is the very, very yellow store, and has been around since forever. The fact Zeeman is around for that long is an accomplishment in itself, since it survived several economical crises, while the quality only improved. If you need simple basics for a low price, Zeeman is your solution.

Everyone knows Lidl, the store that started as a low-budget supermarket but is competing with the giants since several years now. Since the rise of concepts like Action, every supermarket started diversifying – same goes for Lidl. They sell very good shoes, pants and shirts for good prices, but you have to be quick if you want to make sure you get a hand on one that fits you..

Wibra is the store in the middle of the above two; it’s the red store that is, honestly, struggling more and more. Still, if you happen to find a Wibra, you will find that it’s similar to Zeeman, but the quality might be slightly different. It’s another go to for good basics, like shirts, jogging pants & underwear.


2. Look for offers every week


In the Netherlands you will seasonal offers everywhere. You will find winter clothing for extremely low pricing when spring starts and vice versa, especially if you shop at local clothing concepts. Do not forget to scan the web for offers and use websites that collect offers (Google ‘aanbiedingen vergelijken’, you’re welcome).


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3. Go to the big outlets


You will find nice outlet concepts in Amsterdam at Akerpoort, at WoensXL in Eindhoven, in Roermond and in Bataviastad – the most famous one arguably. On a good day you will find designer and brand clothes for factory pricing. Plan your day out with friends and family and get ready to dress to impress!


4. Do not shop in the big cities


If you are serious about buying good clothing for normal or low pricing, do not shop in the big city centers. Research shows that Amsterdam and other major Dutch cities are among the most expensive of Europe.


5. Buy your clothing at the local market


Stimulate local vendors and buy some – or all – of your clothes at your local market. You will find good ones in every big city, especially in Amsterdam-West. You can find amazing quality for no money if you look well enough!

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