Did you know about these top Dutch films?

The Best Dutch Movies you should watch RIGHT NOW to learn Dutch

If you love film and are looking to make a serious effort to learn Dutch, there’s no better way than watching these Dutch top movies, some of which even made it to the Oscars. Put those subtitles on, grab some Dutch snacks from your favorite Dutch supermarket – and go!

Watch the best Dutch movies to learn Dutch, now. Courtesy of your best friends at LearnDutchOnline.nl. Enjoy.

The Marathon (De Marathon), 7,5 on IMDb

Director Jelle de Jonge (from Bon Bini Holland and Weg van jou) personally called The Marathon the best Dutch film ever made – and we totally agree! He describes it nicely: “It is a favorite film, because the balance is so good: between humor and emotion, between enlargement and realism. It is great how the many storylines get enough attention to come out well”, says Jelle to NU.nl. This film tells the story of 4 friends who want to participate in the Rotterdam marathon in order to save their garage from closure. Watch it now on Netflix.

Watch the best Dutch movies to learn Dutch, tonight, and let us know which one is your favorite!

Young Danny de Munk giving flowers to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
Young Danny de Munk giving flowers to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Ciske the Rat (Ciske de Rat), 6,9 on IMDb

When Dutch people think of All Stars actor Danny de Munk, they immediately think of that little boy with a heart of gold: Ciske de Rat. In 1984 we really got to know this kid who is always ‘so damn alone’.

He misses his father who is at sea, his mother only works in a bar as a prostitute. Building a relationship with his stepfather seems impossible.

With almost 1.6 million visitors, the film was a resounding success and we have not even talked about the musical. If you wanna talk Dutch film, go and watch this gem.

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Black book (Zwartboek), 7,7 on IMDb

Actor Carice van Houten, also seen in Game of Thrones.
Carice van Houten at the Game of Thrones Season 8 World Premiere

Golden Film. Platinum Film. Three Golden Calves (the Dutch Oscars) and Best Dutch film ever’ in 2008. This movies reviews were therefore full of praise: ‘a good plot’, ‘exciting’, ‘good actors’ and ‘surprising’.

Zwartboek is about the resistance of a Jewish Woman (played by Carice van Houten, also seen in Game of Thrones) during the Second World War. She is soon designated as the traitor, but it is only after liberation that she finds out who the real traitor is.

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