You already know Dutch is the most funny language you’ll ever hear. Or read. But what if we would tell you it can get even funnier? Here are the most hilarious Dutch words according to Dutch native speakers themselves. Which is your favorite? Why? Let us know in the comments. Enjoy!


10. Bommelding

Bommelding literally means ‘bomb threat’. Not really funny, you would say at a first glance.

But it’s not about the actual meaning; it’s the sound, the pronunciation of this word, which easily goes wrong. You see, this word looks alot like other Dutch words where you would put the stress on the last part of the word – ‘ding’ in this case. For example: rotding (= stupid thing), onding (=non-thing), any-Dutch-word-ding (…-thing/thingie).

And when you put the emphasis on the -ding part of ‘bommelding’, then it means something completely different, since ‘ding’ means thing. You’ll get something like ‘bambam-thing’ then. A bommel-thing. Get it?

9. Bips

Bips just means ‘bum’. It’s a fun word. It’s silly. We use in sentences like ‘heb je je bips goed geveegd?’ – did you wipe off your bum well? It just sounds funny! Try it now, stand in front of a mirror and say it or – if you want to show true guts – and say it out loud in public. You can even use it to address your Dutch friends in a fun way. Could be the next trend. Just tell them LDO told you first. 😉

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8. Schorriemorrie

Another hilarious Dutch word, meaning: riffraff. Basically: scum. People you wouldn’t invite to your birthday.

Just try to say it out loud: SCHORRIE MORRIE! It’s a great word to practice that infamous Dutch ‘g’, too. And it rhymes!

7. Graftak

Graftak literally means ‘grave branch’ as in ‘branch for a grave’. You can translate it as ‘relic’.

It’s a swear word for the older people amongst us and for people who are considered to be boring, passive, anti-social..You get the idea.

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6. Flapdrol

Flapdrol can be translated as ‘joker’. Literally it means ‘flap turd’. You can use it with friends and family – jokingly – or as a swear word. In that case it would mean ‘clown’, ‘dum-dum’ or ‘dumbsh*t’.

5. Schobbejak

This word means ‘scallywag’ – and it almost sounds the same too! It probably originated in the north or north-west of Holland. In ‘Nederduits’ – the ‘mother’ language of Dutch and German, this word existed as schubjack, meaning a ‘ rubbing pole for flock in meadow area’s with little or no trees’ and also for people who are in everyone’s way.

4. Roeptoeter

‘Opinion’, ‘big mouths’ as in people with a (dominant) opinion and, as a verb: to honk. It has the oe two times, which makes it a childishly funny Dutch word – similar to number 2 and 1 from this list. Every Dutchie is kind of a roeptoeter, a sharing your opinion (even though no one asked for it) is a very Dutch thing. Would you like to be able to share your view on things in Dutch, too? Click here to learn how!

Learn about the most hilarious Dutch words in the Blog! What is your favorite Dutch word? Why?
You, tool, you.

3. Knurft

Originally, this word meant ‘piece of bone, bone’. Nowadays it’s used as a (playful) swear word meaning ‘tool’, ‘clumsy person’ or simply ‘bastard’. Also, it sounds very funny. Try to say it. You knurft.

2. Droeftoeter

A droeftoeter is someone you don’t want to be around. It’s someone that’s constantly sad, looking sad and making everyone around sad too. You can also use it as you would use the word loser.

1. Oelewapper

Finally, number 1! As alot of other word in this list you can put alot of feeling into pronouncing this word: OELE-wapper. It means dork, loser, dummy or loser.

The best 1-1 translation to English might be nincompoop, though. The origins of this word are unknown, but what we do know is that it is quite a new word, that came into existence at the middle of the 20th century.

Enjoyed reading about the most hilarious Dutch words? Did we forget a funny Dutch word, you might have picked up at the Albert Heijn? Let us know! And continue reading on more Dutch language, culture, memes and other fun Dutch stuff in the LDO Blog here.

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Here they are: the 10 Most Hilarious Dutch Words (according to Dutchies themselves!)
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