There is no fast or tricky solution when it comes to learning Dutch; if you want to master this relatively hard language, more results will show when you put in more time and effort. This means practicing Dutch every single day. No excuses.

In this article you will find an effective and clear system for everyone serious about learning Dutch, which you can use anywhere, anytime.

Get to know Dutch news and culture

You can learn alot about any language by diving into its corresponding culture. The same goes for Dutch. Start listening to Dutch radio and songs on Youtube every single day from now on. Our tips for Dutch songs include Nick & Simon, Zwart Licht, Opgezwolle, Jan Smit, André Hazes, Brainpower and Guus Meeuwis. Look for song with lyrics and try to understand the meaning.

When it comes to Dutch news, you are best served with and is the number go-to for all relevant and actual Dutch news and includes news on entertainment, gadgets and culture as well, in short, comprehensive articles and long in-depth ones. NOS is the official news channel of the Netherlands serving mostly lengthy articles of a higher level of Dutch.

The Best Way to Learn a Language as Hard as Dutch is to Follow these Steps Every day! - Learn Dutch - Blog

Buy a real Dutch dictionary

You have no excuses when it comes to this one, since you can purchase very affordable pocket dictionaries nowadays almost everywhere for no more than 15 euro’s, and even cheaper on Marktplaats or Facebook.

Use this dictionary to look up words you do not immediately recognise in the songs, clips and news articles you consume. Read them out loud.

Van Dale is the most popular brand of dictionaries, but Prisma is also very good. Ask for these in your local bookstore. You won’t be dissapointed.

Buy a good Dutch dictionary and start building that Dutch vocabulary! - Learn Dutch Blog

Organise your new learned words in a list and learn this list every day

You can start with as little as 5 words a day, in a notebook reserved for your Dutch vocabulary alone. Study these words out loud. Use them in sentences, when writing and speaking.

Don’t be ashamed. It’s a process, but if you follow these steps, you will certainly grow more confident and notice improvements quicker than ever.

Buy a good DutcMake your list of Dutch words every day! - Follow these Steps Every Day to master Dutch Fast! - Learn Dutch Blog

Ready to go to the next level, and really start learning Dutch seriously? Register for one of the exclusive Dutch courses by today!

Follow these steps if you are serious about learning Dutch FAST!

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