Inburger Me Now! – Your ONLINE Intensive Inburgeringsexamen Group Course

Looking for an effective online inburgeringsexam course? One that really gets you in that Dutch zone, giving you a solid foundation of the Dutch language AND all the tricks, knowledge and cheats you need to PASS for your own ‘inburgering’? The Inburger me Now!-course is that online inburgeringsexamen course with guarantee you need. In 36 hours, 9 hours a week, you will be DRILLED, TRAINED and TRANSFORMED – until you can dream and breathe the Dutch you need to pass your integration exam! Only at Convinced already? Register at the end of this page!

Learn how to pass for all parts of your inburgering with the Inburger me Now online Dutch course! Only at A failsafe online inburgeringsexamen course with guarantee!
NEW course fee: € 1115,46 (updated January 2023). Doing your Dutch civic integration exam? The inburgering? Sign up now and get started soon with this unique intensive month course, giving you everything you need to succeed with becoming Dutch! Full is fulll. Sign up here, and select this course in the list!

The Inburger Me Now small and effective group course is for you. If you are serious about acing your inburgeringsexamen, sign up for this FAILSAFE online inburgeringsexamen with guarantee at the end of this page now!

You can only attend this class if you have the time and motivation. You will spend 9 hours a week focusing on mastering Dutch in every single way. As good and fast as possible, focusing specifically on your inburgeringsexamen.

It is a dynamic group course. Your teacher will look at the group as a whole, while adjusting to you, the individual student where necessary. Materials, exams and certification are included, as usual! You will use several authentic, time-tested methods. Both from our trusted publishers and inhouse manufactured proven systems, based on more than 12 years of experience of our professional Dutch teachers.

The Inburger Me Now!- group course is running online alone and will only start when there is a minimum of 5 students. Apply for this online inburgeringsexamen course with guarantee down here, now for only 1115,46 euro’s (FULL = FULL).

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