Are you looking for an effective Dutch course for your international employees? An essential AND fun investment for your business in the Netherlands?

Your employees will have a great time while actually learning Dutch if you choose to enroll them in one of’s Dutch courses! You can go for an individual course or group lessons.

Lessons can take place via a platform of your choosing (Teams, Zoom, Skype etc.) as materials and exams are always provided by your personal LDO teacher. Register your team for the best online Dutch lessons for business today!

Working in the Netherlands can be a real challenge if you are not able to speak Dutch. Even if you’re working in an international environment where most of your colleagues speak English. You all will feel the same urge to at least master a basic level of the Dutch language, so you can make yourself heard and understand Dutch people. That’s very human!

For employers and business owners: if your expat employees learn Dutch, they become more valuable. They’ll be able to do more work and communicate with native speakers. Consequently, their overall productivity will skyrocket since they’ll feel more at home.

Other than the above, learning Dutch together with your friends from work can be a great pastime! It won’t even feel like an obligation (if it does, please sue us) and you get to expand your horizon and mind a bit – as learning a foreign language actually grows your mind and cognitive intelligence!

Online Dutch Lessons for Business! -
Learn Dutch for your work. Get to know your Dutch colleagues better and increase your job oppurtunities in Holland.

Group courses start at only 199,95 euro’s per student. If at least 6 employees sign up and start a group course, a discount will be calculated. Intensive individual courses start at 375,95 euro’s already and a business discount will be applied if a minimum of 3 of your employees start a course with us.

Why would I register my team Well, your team will feel right at home as has helped over 100+ of international professionals and highly skilled expats in the past 10 years. is THE expert when it comes to online Dutch lessons for business. Besides, if your employees don’t reach their goals with their LDO course, our unique MONEY-BACK guarantee is applicable!

Especially if you’re planning to stay in the Netherlands with your family, learning Dutch is a must. The teachers at LDO are professional native teachers, mostly with an international background. So you can be guided and taught optimally at all times.

How would it feel like to be able to speak Dutch at your work and finally understand all the rules and regulations there? Imagine having a nice chat with your neighbour or your kids’ teacher – completely in Dutch! It’s really possible, within a short amount of time. If you choose to go for a Dutch course by!

Business owner, manager, employee etc.
Minimum of 3 students per organisation.

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Not looking for a Dutch course you can follow at work? Why not check out the intensive individual courses here, or register directly for any of the Dutch courses LDO offers you on your way to Dutch fluency?

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