The Dutch Learning Center Ghana is located in the greater Accra region, Accra (Adenta). If you’re ever in Ghana, and you’re looking to learn something new, don’t forget to give them a visit and tell them sent you!

The Dutch Learning Center has a great Instagram page, where they are one of the loyal followers and fans of They have been following us actively since almost a year now. Obviously, we wanted to know everything about them, so we started a conversation and decided to dedicate our first part of this ongoing Dutch Teaching in the Spotlight series about this amazing center on the amazing continent of Africa.

This incredible Dutch language institute, with its founder from Amsterdam, actually became officially recognised since January 2019, this year. Dutch Learning Center Ghana provides Dutch lessons in small groups, to adults and children. Joan, the founder of Dutch Learning Center Ghana, says alot of their adult students have a Dutch partner. For those students, it is important to learn the language in order to communicate with their families.

The Dutch Learning Center regularly posts testimonials of their students together with interesting clips on (Dutch) language learning. In this recent clip you can learn about the importance and benefits of bilingualism. Very interesting! We at asked our friends at the Dutch Learning Center in Ghana some questions about teaching Dutch and their vision on Dutch learning.

Why did you start teaching Dutch and what is your vision with your Dutch institute?

‘I started teaching Dutch when I sa how people showed interest. They always come asking “how do you say this and that in Dutch?”. People approached me telling me she was writing the inburgering exams and she needed help. This informed my decision to start the Dutch lessons.”

My goal is to help people speak, read and write Dutch with our tailor-made lessons, to suite every individual needs accordingly. Our vision: to be the leading Dutch Center in Africa, especially in Ghana!’

How long have you been living in the Amsterdam and where did you stay exactly?

‘I have stayed in the Netherlands for 13 years – I was born there! We lived in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, de Bijlmer’.

Do you have any nice personal stories from your teaching experience, about your Dutch school etc.?

‘At the Dutch Learning Center we are family and friends. We respect human rights as well. People from all walks of life come to us – different countries and religions. Children too enjoy our learning experience. The connection we have with our students is always a beautiful one and an experience worthwhile’

This beautiful Dutch language school in Ghana provides home tuition as well.

You can find them here on Insta. Don’t forget to like and follow them, and tell them LDO sent you!

Dutch Teaching in the Spotlight: meet the Dutch Learning Center in Ghana!

6 gedachten over “Dutch Teaching in the Spotlight: meet the Dutch Learning Center in Ghana!

  • juli 26, 2020 om 10:58 am

    Good day sir, madam,
    My girlfriend / fiancee, Sana, lives in Accra.
    I am living myself in Amsterdam-Southeast, the Netherlands. I am a Dutch citizen, born in the Netherlands too.
    Sana wants to go and live tgether with me in Amsterdam.
    To get a visa for her, she first has to do a Civil Integration Course in Accra. After the course she needs to do an exam in the Dutch embassy.
    My question to you is: do you give such a Course?
    If your anwer is Yes, what time will the course last and what is the price for the course?
    I like to hear your response soon. Thank you in advance!
    Kind regards, Arien

    • augustus 4, 2021 om 6:44 am

      I will be travelling to stay with my spouse but to get a visa I need to do learn dutch as my visa requirement. After the course i will do an exam in the Dutch embassy in other to seek my visa.
      My question to you is: do you give such a Course?
      If your anwer is Yes, what time will the course last, when do the course start and what is the price for the course?

      • augustus 8, 2021 om 4:57 pm

        Dear Comfort, you can follow a custom course, a month course or personal lessons with! The regular courses start at the beginning of each month. Personal courses and lessons can start during the whole year round. Register here directly or feel free to mail to! Have a great day!

    • augustus 8, 2021 om 5:00 pm

      Dear Arien, apologies for the late response. Are you still looking for an online Dutch course? LDO is offering several options starting fron only 199.95 euro’s. Click on REGISTER to enroll for one of the Dutch courses. Have a great day!

  • december 8, 2020 om 9:15 am

    I want to learn dutch basics for exams, within a month

    • augustus 8, 2021 om 4:59 pm

      Great goal, Robert! If you’re still looking for a course, simply click on REGISTER! Cheers!


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