So – you decided to learn Dutch. Great! Maybe you want to learn Dutch for the civic integration exam (inburgering) or to meet a job requirement. Maybe you want to learn Dutch for love. The question now is: are you going for online Dutch lessons? And why would you do that? Find out about 5 important benefits and advantages of learning Dutch online here!

Save time, money and energy

If you learn Dutch online, you can do this from the comfort of your own home. You can even do it on vacation, as long as you have a good internet connection and a suitable spot to learn your Dutch lessons!

Learning Dutch online means you won’t have to pay for gas or public transport fees. You will save time and energy too, as you don’t even have to step on your bike or walk. And ‘tijd is geld’, in Dutch too!

Just imagine what you can do with all that extra free time, if you just learn Dutch online!

Schedule your lessons based on YOUR preferences

If you learn Dutch online at, you can plan your lessons per your liking. Lessons in the morning? Lessons in the weekend? Once a week? 4 times a week? It’s all possible, as we at LDO believe in Extreme Flexibility. That way, everyone can learn Dutch with us!

Stay safe from corona and similar viruses

Yes – who knows when another pandemic will strike? Covid is just behind us, and the effects are still felt today. Luckily, has been teaching Dutch online way before the pandemic hit. If you choose to learn Dutch with us, you’re always safe. Also, you’ll be learning from the original online Dutch school, with over 12 years of professional experience!

Enjoy top-notch online exercises and Dutch language learning environments

At, you can rest assured you’ll be making use of the lastest and best Dutch learning methods.

These course materials come included with most of LDO’s Dutch courses – to no extra cost. Whether you’re an absolute beginner going for A1 or A2, or a more advanced Dutch learner aiming to reach C2-level – you’ll be working with the latest books and exercises that will get you there ASAP.

And if you need more specific practice, your LDO Teacher will make sure you get the exact materials you need, too!

Accelerate your Dutch learning

If you learn Dutch online, you have immediate access to other online tools that will help your learn Dutch way faster than in a regular classroom. You can talk to ChatGPT, do a quick Google Search or use the best online Dutch dictionary. And of course, you can also app your Dutch friends to ask for help. It’s 2023, baby! teaches you how to communicate in Dutch CONFIDENTLY – wherever and whenever you want, in lessons that are both effective and fun. Always with the unique Golden Money Back Guarantee! Learn Dutch whenever and wherever you want in an effective online course with materials, certification and tests included. Or get your money back otherwise!

Learn Dutch Online: Benefits and Advantages!
Learn Dutch - Affordable and Fun Online Dutch Courses. With a Guarantee!
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