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Do you want to learn Dutch online for free?

Whether you plan to learn Dutch online from India, Belgium or any other location – with LDO’s ever-growing resources you can easily learn Dutch for free. LearnDutchOnline.nl is the first online Dutch school providing you with the How To Dutch – Clips (HD), various free e-books giving you the most important Dutch expressions and of course the best Dutch language and meme-content with our growing Instagram.

Ferda, individual lessons to A2 (inburgering):

Martin from learndutchonline.nl is the best teacher you can imagine for individual dutch lessons! i took just 10 hours with him, and finally passed my inburgeringsexam! thank you martin, recommending you to anyone!

You want to learn Dutch with online classes, because..

..these classes will still give you freedom and flexibility, but also hold you accountable. You can learn Dutch anywhere, anytime – while saving time and money. Imagine avoiding that stressful trip to your Dutch school, paying for the tram or metro – all of that is dead time. If you learn Dutch online, you just have to switch on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and you can start improving your Dutch language skills!

Furthermore, with online Dutch lessons at LearnDutchOnline.nl, you don’t have to buy your course books yourself. After completing your registration, all your books and other relevant documents are shared with you. Physical books will be sent to your house. What’s more – you never pay extra for your course materials; you get them included for free.

Learn Dutch at the online academy with over 12 years of professional experience..

..and a broad experience too! The founders of LDO went to one of the most prestigious high schools in the Netherlands. Most of our teachers also have experience coaching and improving Diversity and Inclusion.

Coming from the capital of Holland, we know how to work with skilled expats – as Amsterdam is very international. Start learning Dutch today, with, amongst other perks, LearnDutchOnline.nl’s own developed teaching materials.

  • LearnDutchOnline.nl has 5,000 followers on Instagram and a solid position on the first page of Google. With reason: most of our students come and leave with a big smile, having reached their goals with their LDO course! And that’s our sole aim: to teach you the Dutch you need, anywhere, anytime!

LearnDutchOnline.nl’s Dutch Phrases: 100% FREE!

If you want to learn Dutch online, it helps to master the 1000 most common words in Dutch. Obviously. A better way of learning Dutch though is to practice these most common words in phrases that are actually used by Dutchies…Daily!

That’s how LDO’s Dutch Phrases came into existence: useful, practical Dutch phrases, for real, every-day situations in the Netherlands. Learn how to communicate in public transport, at work, in the supermarket. Master Dutch small talk, as you learn phrases about school and vacation. Or sports. All in real Dutch. All ready-to-use. And 100% free! Check more Dutch Phrases out here, on LDO’s Insta.

Funny Dutch expressions and weird Dutch things incoming! That’s so Dutch!

Is it difficult to learn Dutch? Can I learn Dutch on my own?

Learn Dutch online for free with resources on the LDO website and LearnDutchOnline.nl’s growing Instragram and Facebook page. There, you will not only find useful content on Dutch language and culture, but also the absolute best Dutch memes. Check it out here!

Learn Dutch ONLINE Fast and Easy...Money-Back GUARANTEE!
What is the best way to learn Dutch online? The best way depends on your personal needs. With an online Dutch course you have alot of freedom. It saves you time and money. You can also choose to learn Dutch for free, with countless resources provided here on LearnDutchOnline.nl, our Facebook and our Instagram!

Learn Dutch by yourself with this free e-book: the 300 most important Dutch words, verbs, phrases and questions! 15 pages for anyone looking into staying in the Netherlands for the long run. Learning Dutch will definitely help you with getting a job, connecting with the locals and guide your kids in the Dutch educational landscape. Knowing just a bit of Dutch will make your life alot easier (and safer!). Download the ebook here.

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Whether you want to learn Dutch in maastricht or learn Dutch as an au pair, LearnDutchOnline.nl is the first and best online Dutch academy. For everyone!

Learn Dutch from 0 to A1, A2 or all the way to C2-level here. You always get your course books, certificate and tests included for free. With a money-back guarantee, if you somehow fail. That’s the LDO Guarantee!

LearnDutchOnline.nl is an official company registered at the KvK. Our goal is teaching you the Dutch you need. In the best way. Are you ready?

Learn Dutch online: Easy!

False friends, funny Dutch things, weird Dutch things, anaconda-challenge: all fun, but in the end you just want a teacher that teaches you Dutch, right?

Right! So, if you go for a course at LDO, you will focus on Dutch conversation practice right from the get-go. Speaking any language is the most important!

Your teacher from LearnDutchOnline.nl will make it look easy, make you feel comfortable and will train you exactly the way you need. Respect is key at all times. Our approach is direct and fun, having you mastering the Dutch you need in no-time. Sign up here for some no-nonsense Dutch learning!

Can I learn Dutch online? And what is the best course to learn Dutch fast online?

At LearnDutchOnline.nl you can definitely learn Dutch online. At all levels. Whenever you want and wherever you want! To learn Dutch fast, an individual intensive is the best way to go though.

Check out the individual online Dutch courses here now!

Can I learn Dutch in 2 months?

The short answer: yes, you can learn alot of Dutch in just 2 months. It all depends on your motivation and input. If you think it’s difficult to learn Dutch, it will be a challenge. If you don’t stress too much, do the work and trust your LDO Teacher – things will move faster than you can imagine! Pick your online Dutch course here now.