Locations of the Dutch physical classroom group courses in the Netherlands: learn Dutch at a central, professional location in your city!

AMSTERDAM: the amazing Dutch capital

Vrije Universiteit, de Boelelaan (7 minute walk from Station Zuid Amsterdam, tram 5, metro 50 and 51, and other buses and trams)

Are you looking for a Dutch group course with the best possible teachers in Amsterdam? You will be taught by instructors that studied at the famous Barlaeus Gymnasium, a school well-known for its elite level school program and cultural activities. Most actors, lawyers and directors send their kids to this school – if possible. It’s a school famous because of its language lessons too, which will definitely help you to master the Dutch language quickly and thorougly – and that in a unique, high-level way too.

Expect to get more than from the average Dutch course if you start learning Dutch on one of the group courses in Amsterdam, which are organised at VU, next to Station Zuid WTC, with trams and buses all around. This location is extremely well-situated and incredibly easy to reach from Amstelveen, Hilversum, Hoofddorp, Leiden and even Utrecht. Spots left for next batch: 10/10 – Register here!

ROTTERDAM: the city of internationals!

Erasmus University Campus

The absolute rival of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, is growing rapidly and is as international as it gets. And there is not a more international place than the Erasmus campus, where your LDO Dutch teachers can use the best facilities to teach you the Dutch you need. If you’re looking to learn Dutch at a central, professional location in your city of Rotterdam, look no further: the student-vibe at the campus will have you speaking Dutch before you hop back on the tram to your apartment. Spots left for next batch: 7/10 – Register here!

UTRECHT: the amazing picturesque, authenic Dutch city

Avanturijn, Voetiustraat

Bibliotheek Oudegracht

Come and learn Dutch at a beautiful, authentic location in Utrecht! This inspiring location is situated next to the Dom Tower in Utrecht. Which makes it a very nice and quiet area to learn Dutch. Of course, the building and the rooms are authentic too. With all necessary facilities for your optimal Dutch learning experience. As Utrecht Centraal station and the Oudegracht are very close, this really is a place where you can learn Dutch at a central, professional location in your city (if that city is Utrecht of course!). Spots left for next batch: 10/10 – Register here!

EINDHOVEN: several great options for you to learn Dutch at a central, professional location!

TUE Campus Eindhoven

Bibliotheek Emmasingel

Are you looking for an option to learn Dutch at a central, professional location in your city of Eindhoven? In Eindhoven you can go for several options to learn Dutch – all relatively close to the center of Eindhoven and trainstation Eindhoven Centraal. The beautiful, yet relatively calm city of Eindhoven knows alot of expats and internationals seeking to learn Dutch for work, life and inburgering/integration. Because we at LearnDutchOnline.nl understand this can be really tough; that’s why we are always ready to help where possible, and love to provide more than just teaching you Dutch. We noticed that this was a need in Eindhoven especially. But we are prepared to help all of our students out anywhere in the Netherlands. Curious how we can teach you Dutch and help you at the same time? Then come and learn Dutch from us in Eindhoven!

Spots left for next batch: 6/10 – Register here!