Are you looking for an online intensive Dutch course? Do you want to prepare for the inburgeringsexam (Dutch civic integration exam)? Or do you just want to master some Dutch fast? With the unique Intensive Month course, you can achieve it all. Learn Dutch in a month!

50 personal and immersive hours with a personal, live teacher teaching you ALL the Dutch you need

With the Intensive Month course, you get 50 individual hours, which you can schedule based on your preferences during 1 month (30 days). Typically, this will result in 3 days a week during which you follow 3 to 4 hours of lessons. Of course, you can take a break during this class – that’s up to you!

You will be amazed at how much Dutch you can master in just one month. Depending on your current level of Dutch, you will start at the basics, focus on speaking from your very first lesson, and always work all the way up to the end of the official CEFR (European Framework of Languages) Dutch language levels (A0-C2).

Your own personal pace of learning will always be taken into account! In 1 month, you can easily go from 0 Dutch skills to A2-level or even higher. Homework is always given, and you will partake in several exams to check your progress during the course.

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With the complete, immersive teaching style of this course, comes complete methods. All of the books you’ll be using cover all the important facets of the Dutch language and culture, making them a perfect preparation on living in the Netherlands or going for your inburgering. These top-notch course books with their corresponding exercises are both provided online and neatly sent to your home – to no extra cost!

During your Intensive Month course, you’ll be working in your classes on effective assignments and outside of them, on homework. To check your progress, you will have at least 2 exams, during which your understanding of Dutch grammar, your speaking skills and writing skills specifically will be tested. These exams will be graded and your average grade (5.5-10) will be visible on your certificate. You only receive your certificate if you pass for all of your exams. One retake per exam is included for free. Sign up for the Intensive Month here now!

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You can view the Intensive Month course as a cold turkey remedy: ripping the band-aid off, fast! Research has proven time and again that new habits are formed within 30 days (a month), so this course might just jump-start the Dutch speaking habit you have been dreaming of for so long..

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