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Learning Dutch becomes easy, if you are truly motivated to do so and have a decent teacher. Learning Dutch online will save you money, time and stress. If you want to learn Dutch, chances are high you’re looking at physical classes in one of the big cities in the Netherlands. This will involve traveling, either by car or public transport (unless you know how to use a bike!) and paying for parking. Traveling back and forth, while having a family, busy job and social life can be very stressful.

LearnDutchOnline.nl removes all of that stress, by offering you the opportunity to learn Dutch from real Dutch teachers, from the comfort of your own home!

If you have some free days, or a vacation, you can use this time to invest in yourself with a three-day Dutch course. 100% online. Included with this course are online books, exercises and a physical grammar book that will be sent to your home. And a stress-free experience, saving you time and money!

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