Do you want to learn Dutch, but not spend months or even years on a course? Enter the Intensive Week course! In just one week you will make significant progress with the Dutch language. All of our students moved up at least 1 level during this course, which comes with an experienced live online teacher and materials included for free. During this individual Dutch course, you always have homework and finish with an exam at the very end. If you pass, you can get your very own certificate. As always, the Golden Money Back Guarantee applies here!

This convenient week course consists of 3,5 interactive hours per day, for a total of 7 days. Ideal if you have some free time or a week off.

Your LDO Teacher is always someone from the actual field of Dutch language and culture, having worked or currently working at at least a real Dutch high school. Your personal pace and preferences, including learning style, will always be taken into account!

Learn Dutch in 1 week online and save money and time

With the Intensive Week course from you will jump 1-2 levels (CEFR) up. While saving money and time, because you won’t have to travel, pay for parking. Just imagine what you can do with all those extra hours.

Go from 0 to A2 Dutch or A2 to B1 Dutch. In just one week. With the Intensive Week course, you can do it!

Learning Dutch online means being immersed in Dutch grammar, news or writing one moment and comfortably logging off so you can go out for food and drinks the next. Sign up for the Intensive Week course here now!

Learn Dutch in one week and pass your integration exam - inburgering - and improve your life in the Netherlands significantly!

Fast-track Dutch course, ideal for preparing for your inburgering!

If you want to pass for the Dutch civic integration exam, the Intensive Week course might just be your last hope.

Maybe you tried lessons elsewhere, Duolingo or self-study – but nothing really worked. Maybe you want to focus on speaking Dutch or writing Dutch. And now it’s time: you only have a few weeks left before your exam.

Whatever it is, with this course you can master it and learn Dutch in 1 week!

The inburgeringsexamen consists of writing, speaking, listening, reading and Knowledge on Dutch Society. If you need a fast-track crash-course that can help you learn everything you need to ace your ‘inburgering’ exam, the Intensive Week is perfect for you.

You can always discuss your precise needs and goals with us and your LDO Teacher, so you get exactly where you want to be with your Dutch lessons.

Top-notch, personalized materials included for FREE

Learn Dutch in 1 Week with this online, live course and get the best course books incl. exercises for free. If necessary, your materials can be personalized. sole aim is to teach you the Dutch you need, whether it’s for work, family or your integration.

On top of methods like De Delftse Methode and Van Start you will also be using in-house materials based on more than 12 years of experience, created by teachers from the best Dutch schools, who actually studied the language and culture at universities in Amsterdam.

Ready to learn Dutch in 1 Week?

Then sign up here to get started very soon! Want to know about other courses? Check out’s full list of online Dutch courses here!