Is it possible to learn Dutch from Netflix? If you are a true follower of, you know we covered how to learn Dutch from Netflix before. In this guest blog from The TechFools you’ll learn even better ways, though. We hope you enjoy it, and we know it will help you on your way to Dutch fluency!

It’s all fun and games till we tell you that you can learn Dutch on Netflix too.

With the right tips and approach, you can now combine your fun while streaming your favorite videos with an amazing Dutch learning experience. The following suggestions will get you there in no time.

Go Original

Netflix has a series of original titles in its shows, movies, and documentaries catalog. Even when the preferred show is not Dutch, you can get a ton of subtitles and dubs in the language.

Opt for that option when next you want to see something that came out of the Netflix studios. This gives you a sense of immersion in the language as your brain starts making the connections between the words you have learned, how they appear in context and how they are spoken also.

Get a VPN

There is a high chance that the Netflix algorithm blocks you out from a lot of rich Dutch content if you are not in the region. This is a neat little tactic known as geo-blocking. Even if you searched for specific titles that are in Dutch, the search algorithm will behave like such titles do not exist on the platform.

Unblocking such Dutch content with a VPN is the way to go in such an instance.

Try different VPN server locations, especially for Dutch-speaking areas, before logging into your Netflix account. That tricks the algorithm into thinking that you are also from such regions and it starts showing you the kind of content you are looking for.

Double Subtitles: Learn Dutch from Netflix with this Google extension!

For those who are just learning, getting immersed in the Dutch language can be confusing. The confusion is quelled when you see the side-by-side translation of what is being said in both English and the Dutch language.

Here, we have both good and bad news.

The bad news is that Netflix does not carry such functionality yet but we hope that they incorporate something of the sort in the future. The good news is that the Google Chrome browser has a Language Learning with Netflix extension which does just that.

The only downside here is that you have to stream your Netflix content through the browser to enjoy your content this way. Fortunately, you can do that and share/ mirror your screen to a TV via HDMI/ smart screen sharing options.

Reset Language Preferences

For intermediate Dutch language learners, switch the default language on your account to Dutch.

That gets you familiar with basic words in the language while you try to find your way around. In case you ever miss your way, you can mirror a Netflix account in a language you understand to reset these language preferences.

Start Learning Better

There we have it.

Try the above tips and see a jump in your Dutch language learning journey. Who said you can’t combine work and play to amazing effect?

Work and Play: How to Learn Dutch Better from Watching Netflix (GUEST post by the!)

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  • februari 19, 2021 om 1:56 am

    You heard right – you can improve your Dutch by watching TV! Of course, you re never going to get fluent by simply sitting on your butt and binging Netflix (trust us, we tried and failed). For that, you ll probably need to take a Dutch course. But, watching Dutch films is a great way to learn more about the culture and history of the Netherlands .


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