Eindhoven – the Amsterdam of the South! The city of Philips and PSV. The city of the Tech Campus and the TU. Eindhoven Airport. But also of many, many small start-ups and big ol’ ASML, providing jobs for expats and the like from all over the world. And that’s where LearnDutchOnline.nl comes in, giving you an opportunity to learn Dutch fast in Eindhoven..Or get all your money back!

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But did you know Eindhoven is only that international since the last 5 years or so? Yes – this small city with a big mouth in the Dutch province of Brabant grew enormously and very rapidly!

If you walk around the center of Eindhoven now, you’ll quickly get immersed in the international and quite dynamic atmosphere – especially in the spring and summer.

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Eindhoven. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Eindhoven is situated between the Dutch cities of Tilburg and ‘s Hertogenbosch on one side and Venlo on the other. Belgium and Germany are never far away, which is an advantage you’ll enjoy over residents of the bigger cities in the west of the Netherlands.

It’s the biggest and most international city in the whole province of Noord-Brabant – which is the biggest province of the Netherlands. If you’re looking for a home-away-from-home, Eindhoven might be a great bet!

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