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Then this is your lucky day! We know how it feels to struggle with not knowing (enough) Dutch in the capital of the Netherlands, because we’re from Amsterdam! originated in this beautiful city when we first decided to help those who did not master Dutch sufficiently, almost 15 years ago.

Rest assured you’ll learn the Dutch you need as fast as possible, since the founders of helped hundreds of people from within the Netherlands as well as those from nearly any place in the world – since Amsterdam is a diverse city with nearly 200 different nationalities in it! Pick your online Dutch course here.

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The corona pandemic changed everything for everyone. It also taught us that working remotely can save us heaps of time, money and stress. existed way before the pandemic – so we were there and we’ll try to be there for you always. Remote teaching was and is our nr. 1 specialty!

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You want to get the full Amsterdam experience, so your Dutch course should also be in Amsterdam. Right? What if we told you you can have a more personal and streamlined experience, not having you traveling in an increasingly crowded city, paying increasingly more for public transport and parking?

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