Did you know Amstelveen is the original expat city of the Netherlands? As loyal citizens of Amsterdam, we from LearnDutchOnline.nl saw how Amstelveen grew into an expat spot from up close. If you’re (almost) an expat in Amstelveen you probably also want to learn Dutch fast. But what if you prefer to avoid traffic? And don’t want to spend even more time and money outside while learning Dutch at a traditional Dutch school? The solution for you: learn Dutch fast, in Amstelveen, online, from your comfortable, new home. And save yourself some money, time and stress!

Amstelveen – home of Stadshart, amazing green, luxury and more

Amstelveen is becoming hip, and has always had quite a warm and welcoming athmosphere. The famous Zuidas is within reach, which not only gives you easy acces to the highest level of corporate businesses in the Netherlands, but also includes the Vrije Universiteit and Station Zuid.

The Vrije Universiteit (= Free University) is an open, accessible-to-anyone, international university. With picnic tables and a basketball court! There’s is always something up here! Even as a non-student you can reserve space for meetings and events and attend lectures and the like. You reach this university easily by tram, bike or car from Amstelveen – within 10 to 30 minutes on average.

Station Zuid is one of the most busiest train- and public transport stations of the Netherlands. This hub connects the Zuidas, the city district of Buitenveldert and Amstelveen to the rest of Amsterdam as well as the Netherlands and Schiphol Airport.

Given the international and busy character of Amstelveen and surrounding areas, chances are you’ll be communicating mostly in English. We understand how frustrating this can be, especially if you’re trying to learn Dutch. An online course from experienced teachers that studied Dutch – and will practice speaking the language from your very first lesson – is therefore exactly what you need. Go for online Dutch lessons with certification, exams and materials for FREE now and sign up to learn Dutch fast in Amstelveen here!

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  1. The Learn Dutch Now!-course (48 hrs fun group course, to B1)
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