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#1 Dutch words often have more than one meaning

These are called synoniemen (synonyms). They are indeed very common. Some examples:

  • Bank – this is both couch and bank (the)
  • Arm – this means both poor and arm (limb)
  • Blokken – this is both blocks and to study hard
  • etc.

Best is to buy a good Dutch dictionary and learn a few words with their meanings every day!

What is the best online course to learn Dutch?

The best online Dutch course is the one that best meets your needs. Are you looking for a group course, because you want to learn together with other internationals? And make friends? Or do you want to learn alot within a short time? Then the intensive individuals at will definitely help you reach your Dutch language goals.

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#2 Anacondawords (long words)

Dutch knows very long words, mainly because it’s quite easy to combine nouns in Dutch. This resulted in some very funny word-games and words. ‘Galgje’ is probable the most popular Dutch word game in the whole of the Netherlands, played by young and old, at school and among friends and family.

If you hear or read a long Dutch word, it’s best to break the word apart into the respective nouns. For example:

  • internetproblematiekpresentatie –> internet + probleem + presentatie
  • referentiekaderfout –> referentie + kader + fout
  • kaasschaaffabrieksmedewerker –> kaas + schaaf + fabriek + medewerker

Not so hard now, right?

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#3 Order in the sentence

Many people are confused with the sentence order in Dutch. What most new students of Dutch do not know, is that Dutch is actually the closest to English – definitely when looking at grammar! And this is indeed the case: as you will notice from your very first lesson, regular sentences in Dutch follow the same structure as regular sentences in English.

As you grow in the Dutch language, you will see how and why Dutch sentences can get so long and confusing. The main reasons for this are that Dutch sentence structure is actually quite flexible and the fact there are important exceptions in Dutch grammar.

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#4 The past tense in Dutch

Having trouble with the past tense in Dutch? You are not alone! The most confusing parts of the past tense in Dutch are the irregular verbs and the fact you can use either to have or to be with the perfect tenses – as understood from our students.

Irregular verbs exists in almost every language though, and the Dutch ones resemble the English ones very often. As for the perfect tense: most of LDO’s students make zero to little mistakes after the explanation during class. Will you be the next one creating flawless Dutch sentences in the past tense?

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What level of Dutch is fluent?

Fluency in Dutch starts from level C1. This is near-native and almost academic Dutch.

How long does it take to learn Dutch C1?

You can reach C1 within 6 months with the individual courses at!

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