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Why would you go for online Dutch lessons in the first place?

Did you know you can save up to 7 hours and 50 euro’s weekly if you learn Dutch online?

Travelling to and from a course location in a crowded Dutch city can take some time. All of this is dead time, which you could put to much better use as a busy skilled expat. You could work, or better yet – spend time with your loved ones during these extra 7 hours!

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It’s no secret gasoline prices are at an all-time high in the Netherlands. Add parking fees to this, grabbing some food outside – and voila, you easily spend 30-50 euro’s because you necessarily wanted to learn Dutch in a physical classroom!

If we look at the time you would spend traveling to and from the location where you would learn Dutch: this will take at least 90 minutes for each day you follow Dutch lessons on location. Most Dutch lessons happen directly after working hours, so traffic is peaking then – even if you would take your bike to Dutch class.

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The average student of Dutch follows 2 classes each week, so that comes down to 180 minutes – or 3 hours – of traveling! Time you could also spend to do the homework for your online Dutch course at LDO!

The above calculations are based on the average expat looking to learn Dutch in an average Dutch expat city. If you’re a highly skilled expat however, you are not really average, right?

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Yes – at LearnDutchOnline.nl you get a full refund if you somehow don’t reach your goals with your Dutch course. NEW group courses are starting month and you can start an individual course tomorrow already.

What makes our classes the best online Dutch courses is the simple fact we have been around longer than everyone else. Also – we combine Dutch language and culture studies and work at the highest level with experience in the international city of Amsterdam – guaranteeing you an optimal Dutch learning experience.

A great example of this experience is our Learn Dutch Now!-course, teaching you Dutch in small online groups on Zoom, Skype or Teams. You get your course materials, exams en certification for free with this course.

Methods used during the LDN!-course are, amongst other time-tested materials:

  • The Delftse Methode
  • LearnDutchOnline’s 3 Sentence Method
  • Werken in Nederland

You could start the Learn Dutch Now! Course (to A2/B1) – with your lessons on Monday and Wednesday evening from 6-8 pm. Morning classes and other days and times are also possible. Sign up here now.


You could also start one of the Dutch in 1 Month courses (all CEFR-levels) – on a morning class from 11 am to 1 pm OR the evening group from 6-8 pm. This course takes place on Monday to Thursday. Sign up here.

Looking for an online Dutch course? Look no further: the Dutch in 1 Month courses are perfect for you! Find out why here.
Looking for an online Dutch course? Look no further: the Dutch in 1 Month courses are perfect for you if you’re a skilled expat that wants to save money and time – but still learn Dutch on a high quality course.

The Dutch in 1 Month Courses are perfect for anyone that needs to learn Dutch fast. For work or integration – or both. Is this the best online Dutch course for you? Find out here!

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If you want to reach at least an A2 level of Dutch fast – the Intensive Month is for you. This course consists of 50 hours, exams and materials included and will you have you speaking Dutch independently by the end easily. Read more about all of the individual Dutch courses here.

If you’re an expat in the Netherlands, chances are you’re very busy doing great work. But it also means you need to take time off now and then – to recharge. That’s why we are very proud to announce that LearnDutchOnline.nl teamed up with Lilly Likes Amsterdam – the leading blog and platform for the UK to Amsterdam. Since we’re from Amsterdam ourselves, this partnership was inevitable. Expect free tickets, offers, tours and a lot more!

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Some FUN Dutch phrases to use when you visit Amsterdam..This infographic is a collab with our partner Lilly likes Amsterdam. Looking for Dutch lessons for the UK? Click here!


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