Learning a new language is an experience that involves determination and confidence. Especially as an expat in the Netherlands, learning Dutch can be very challenging. If you choose for a Dutch course from LearnDutchOnline.nl, you’ll quickly notice we always take you and your personal situation, learning pace and goals into account. Learning Dutch at LDO means getting that personal yet direct touch, enabling you to learn Dutch as fast as possible. Without any delays or clutter. That’s why you can sign up for the Intensive Month! here, giving you a no-nonsense, individual crash-course experience, that will help you reach your goals with the Dutch language guaranteed. Want to sign up now? Scroll down for the registration form!

The failsafe, immersive Intensive Month!-course teaches you the Dutch you need to truly thrive in the Netherlands…In just 4 weeks!

If you’re looking for online Dutch lessons, LearnDutchOnline.nl is the original online Dutch school – long before COVID forced us to stay home and meet eachother only online. Learning Dutch at LDO means you will follow immersive lessons via Zoom, Skype, Teams and the online environment used by LearnDutchOnline.nl. Always based on your preference.

Sign up for The Intensive Month!-course if you want to enjoy

  • Immersive Dutch lessons from experienced native teachers that studied Dutch and work with the Dutch language professionally
  • The Golden Money-Back Guarantee, giving you back your whole course fee if you somehow don’t reach your Dutch goals
  • Your extensive and personal course books, tests to track your progress and certification included for free

The extremely effective Intensive Month!-course includes multi-media and other relevant content combined with a professional Dutch teacher that guides you every step of the way. Unique is the immersive nature of your lessons in this course, truly bringing you into authentic Dutch situations, having you learn Dutch on a personal level. You’ll pay just € 1227,43, which is less than € 25/hour – way less than you’ll pay for high-quality, all-inclusive private Dutch lessons anywhere else.

Experience just how fast you can actually learn Dutch when you’re completely surrounded by Dutch language and culture – in a fun and comprehensible way.

With the Intensive Month!, you can always schedule your lesson around your availability. Also noteworthy is that this is a live online course with a live teacher – not prerecorded lessons! And: all of your study materials for your Intensive Month! are included, so there is no need for extra purchases.

Choose to learn Dutch with the Intensive Month!-course and make your online experience as rewarding as possible, while enjoying personal service from real people who are dedicated to your success!

Other nice benefits of the online Intensive Month!-course are it’s paper free, diminishing environmental impact. And you’ll never have unwanted distractions from classmates, since you’re learning from your home, during private sessions.

Extra benefit: the Intensive Month!-course includes cultural aspects of the Netherlands, making it a suitable preparation for your inburgeringsexamen (Dutch civic integration exam).

No more excuses! Learn Dutch as FAST as POSSIBLE.

Ready to give a shock to your system? We understand how it feels to struggle with learning Dutch, because we started helping people in Amsterdam overcome their lack of Dutch language skills. The life of an international can be full of insecurity. That’s where the Intensive Month! comes is; challenge yourself and take that step to finally learn Dutch, in 50 hardcore, individual hours. With a teacher that can and will hold you accountable. You simply can’t fail!

If you go for the Intensive Month! by LearnDutchOnline.nl, you’re going for something unique. No other school offers a similar course, and definitely not with a similar Golden Money-Back Guarantee. Yes – this guarantee indeed means you get a full refund if you don’t reach your goals with the Intensive Month!- course.

Need a specialist when it comes to online tuition for Dutch? LearnDutchOnline.nl is the authentic online Dutch school, teaching Dutch to anyone, anywhere for over 12 years now!

Forget those free online Dutch courses – learning anything means making an investment, sacrificing time and/or money. If you really, seriously want to learn Dutch you need to invest in it.

Included with the Intensive Month! are online video courses, Dutch audio courses and extensive online exercises you can use to practice your Dutch endlessly.

Speaking Dutch will be practiced from your very first session, so you can say goodbye to not being confident when communicating in Dutch! In 50 packed hours you will crush your anxiety and learn Dutch in clear and easy lessons, with materials, tests and certification included. All for just € 1227,43.

You’ll be learning how to write and read Dutch doing extensive and intensive offline and online exercises, always with as much correction and explanation by your personal LDO Teacher as you need. Learn Dutch online during your one-on-one lessons, while preparing your effective homework offline. In the comfort of your own home or even on vacation. Learning Dutch online means saving alot of time, money and stress, while optimizing the quality of your learning.

*By signing up using the above form you agree to the terms and conditions of LearnDutchOnline.nl and Dutch law and regulations regarding online purchasing, and understand you’re subject to a binding, legal payment agreement as such.

If you sign up for a course at LearnDutchOnline.nl, you’ll experience the personal yet no-nonsense approach immediately from the start.

LearnDutchOnline.nl teaches you how to communicate in Dutch CONFIDENTLY – wherever and whenever you want, in lessons that are both effective and fun. Always with the unique Golden Money Back Guarantee!

Learning Dutch is experienced as hard, while learning a new language should be fun and productive. At LearnDutchOnline.nl, we understand learning Dutch can be a struggle, but we also know..

  • ..Dutch is the closest language to English according to scientific research
  • ..most of our students can write and speak flawless (basic) Dutch after just 3 weeks
  • ..how to make your Dutch lessons so fun, you forget it’s actually Dutch 😉

Trust and respect are crucial between a teacher and students. You can trust we want you to crush your Dutch learning goals, because we believe you can. Because we know we can teach you everything you need to know, based on our love for Dutch language and teaching. And our 12+ years of experience. Our love for teaching you is always backed with an academic, ever-expanding background, proven to work in practice countless times.

And because we have this trust in you and our teaching, we have no problem giving you all of your money back if you somehow do not reach your goals with one of our Dutch courses. That’s LearnDutchOnline.nl’s Golden Money Back Guarantee!

Learn Dutch as FAST as POSSIBLE from the official and authentic expert regarding online Dutch lessons and online tuition!

Learn Dutch as fast as possible online here, at the original online Dutch school.

LearnDutchOnline.nl is an official Dutch company with over 12 years of experience with teaching Dutch to skilled expats. And their kids! Our teachers studied Dutch, work with the Dutch language on a professional level and teach at Dutch schools and institutions. So you always get high-quality Dutch lessons, giving you exactly what you need, with no fuss!

If you learn Dutch at LearnDutchOnline.nl, you’ll be enjoying the latest Dutch learning methods, state-of-the-art online exercises, online video courses and more. What separates a LDO course from others, is the immersive experience we provide. Not only will you be doing standard type exercises, but also in-depth learning, diving into relevant Dutch cultural themes, habits and day-to-day topics.

Look no further if you want high quality Dutch lessons

  • ..landing you that job that requires Dutch
  • ..helping you pass your inburgering
  • ..and improving your overall quality of life in the Netherlands!

Learn Dutch Online.nl - Affordable and Fun Online Dutch Courses. With a Guarantee!
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