What is Kingsday Mike’s story?

Before Maikel became the legendary Kingsday Mike, he was just a regular Dutch guy.

Drinking beer on Friday nights – alone or with friends. Mostly alone, in front of the television.

Watching soccer with friends. And that nephew that is ‘an absolute hooligan for Ajax/PSV/Feyenoord’ and lifts but is skinny as a Dutch pancake.

Working from 9-5 on a generic office job.

Going to the Albert Heijn and sometimes the Aldi for his groceries.

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Celebrating his birthday with alot of cheese, frikadellen and kroketten.

You get the idea.

But Maikel felt an emptiness.

Something inside him was missing. He might have been born and bred Dutch, even celebrating Sinterklaas with and without zwarte piet, but he just felt his Dutchness was incomplete.

Then – on that one Kingsday (it was actually Queens’ Day still then) a few years back, long before corona and when life was alot more simple, Mike received a strange message on Whatsapp:

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Maikel started seeing the lion everywhere from then on.

In the supermarket:

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While Netflix and Chilling with his girlfriend Chantal:

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And even in the bathroom:

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It took a whole year before something even more strange happened in Mike’s otherwise simple and boring life.

Sometimes he wondered: was it all in his mind? Was he going crazy? His friends and family definitely thought he was.

It was on the next Kingsday (the first ever real Kingsday) that he decided to hang in the city with some old friends. They decided to get drunk, which isn’t uncommon on this day.

But what happened next was not common at all.

Next thing Mike knows, he wakes up in what looks like a theater..Or a museum? He’s not sure.

He starts collecting his memory. They were in a bar. Then they went out, already pretty drunk.

Some guy outside, at Museumplein, offered him some candy..Or pills? Paracetamol? He is not sure about this one.

Then he hears a sound, while he’s standing up, and exploring the area. Suddenly, all the lights turn on. He covers his eyes. A strange figure enters the room, a room that looks quite royal. Maybe it’s a museum?

The figure is as orange as they come. His face is covered in – what – his face is a big lions’ mask!

Exactly the same lion he’s been seeing for a year. Mike now completely loses it.

He runs to the nearest window and starts moving furniture, so he can climb his way out of this weird place.

He’s pretty sure he ate some weird pills now, and he starts getting paranoid. Maybe this is a joke? Or not – and then he will end up in someone’s Kingsday meal tonight!

He starts crying.

Suddenly, the Orange Lion puts his hand on Mike’s shoulder.

Calm down, my boy’, he says. ‘You have nothing to worry about’, he continues.

Mike still tries to escape, but it is as if he can’t move. Or doesn’t want to. He suddenly feels relaxed. As if this was all supposed to happen.

The emptiness he has felt for years starts to dissapear.

The Orange Lion and Mike talk for hours. All becomes clear. And Mike doesn’t even care if all of this is true or not. This is his destiny. It always has been. He has been chosen.

When Mike leaves the building, not a single minute has passed. He bumps into his girlfriend and friends, who ask him where he changed clothes so quickly. When he asks them where they were, they answer they just left the bar, a few minutes ago..

Mike has never felt better before.

But what do you expect, if your mission is to spread orange everywhere – and when it’s always orange on the inside?

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What can you learn from Kingsday Mike’s Story?

How can you become more like Kingsday Mike?

As you might have guessed, Mike officially changed his name to Kingsday Mike. His girlfriend broke up with him. His friends blocked him on social media. But he does not care. He is happy. He makes other people happy.

And that is all that matters.

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Why? Because he believes finding that orange lion inside of you requires learning Dutch first. And because he also made his journey alone.

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