What do you love about the Netherlands? Why?

LearnDutchOnline.nl recently wondered what just might be the most popular questions about living in the Netherlands. And: do people actually like us and our country? We know what most expats and newcomers alike don’t like about the Netherlands: the weather! Some of our commenters wrote, jokingly, that they do like the weather though. And the food as well. If there’s one thing the weather (and arguably the food too) accomplishes then it’s a down-to-earth and quite tenacious mentality.

Those who cycle through storm, hail and rain almost the whole year through know what we’re talking about here. Add the (increasingly dangerous) traffic of cities like Amsterdam to that mix, and developing a bit of character is inevitable when living in the Netherlands. There’s one condition though: buy a bike and start cycling as much as possible!

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An interesting point one of our responders mentioned was “the social behaviour of most people and kids especially”.

Other popular benefits we often hear from our international, skilled students are the safety and level of organisation in the Netherlands. It is true that our little country scores quite high in the rankings of child-friendly countries – because of the overall safety in most places. Generally, public spaces and streets are very well organized and clean, which also contributes to this safety.

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‘SO much rules in the Netherlands..’

Admittedly, there are rules for rules here – and that might be a very Dutch thing. But: these rules and regulations generally (not looking at our prime minister Rutte now) contribute to a good organisation, a great work-life balance according to some and a fair amount of social benefits.

Yes – there are taxes on taxes, but there are lots of benefits as well. You can get a big part of your medical insurance and daycare costs subsidized for example, go here for more info. As one of the expats mentioned in response to our question ‘What is your favorite place in the Netherlands?’: ‘The Netherlands is great for making money, but other than that Schiphol is my favorite spot here’. What do YOU think? We’re very curious!

Are you learning Dutch this year? Why?

Most commenters mentioned they’re learning the Dutch language because of their Dutch partners and that it’s normal to learn the language if you want to integrate in society in the Netherlands. What do you think? Is learning Dutch essential for love and/or integrating in Holland?

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Why not? 😉

A few respondents said: why not? Dutch is fun! It’s an interesting language to learn. One guy even called the Dutch language ‘baby German‘. Isn’t that LOL-worthy? Dutch is somewhat of a baby-German indeed.

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What do you think are the biggest issues when looking for a fitting job in the Netherlands?

Are you an expat in NL? What challenges do you face when looking for a job here?
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As you can see – the Dutch language is the biggest blockade when it comes to getting a (good) job in the Netherlands. And this is understandable: you’re more valuable to your employer if you can speak and read Dutch. So, why not invest in yourself and increase your job opportunities by signing up for the most fun AND effective Dutch courses on the web?

Let’s make one thing clear though: it’s not bad if you don’t learn Dutch. Since we at LearnDutchOnline.nl have been working with expats in the Netherlands for quite some years, we know it’s not always possible to fit in those Dutch lessons into that busy expat life. Especially with a demanding job, a business and kids at home. Or no one at home at all, while being sick and/or disabled.

If you are one of these amazing people that contributes to our little Holland – this is a shout-out, you are seen and respected by us, LDO, and our teachers especially! You are NOT lazy. And, especially for you, we recently launched the Budget A1 Online Dutch Course. This course is just €99,95, you can register for it here!

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A shout-out to all of the amazing expats that enrich the Netherlands: LDO sees you!

Three POPULAR questions for anyone living or PLANNING to live in the Netherlands!

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