You think you know them all. Amsterdam. Utrecht. Maastricht maybe, even. But have you actually been there? Talked to the locals? Eaten the food in the summer? And what about Groningen, Zwolle and Eindhoven? All amazing Dutch cities. Take this quiz here at to get to know your Dutch cities now!

Every city has its charm. If you know the most popular cities of the Netherlands, you know what I’m talking about. That’s maybe the most characteristic about our cities; they all have their own flow, ambiance and specific culture & street foods. That’s why there is alot of rivalry between the big cities. And that’s just part of the game. The game you see at play when the biggest soccer clubs (Ajax, PSV, Feijenoord) play one of their famous derby matches. If you’re from a big country, you’ll undoubtedly know what I’m talking about.

But don’t let this rivalry or the big differences that exist between the biggest Dutch cities stop you from exploring. The nice thing about such a small country like the Netherlands, is that you can have different places to do different things. If you live near the borders, you can easily go to London, France, Belgium or Germany to benefit (hugely) from the services and products there. And that too counts as a vacation, of course. So there not excuses: know you Dutch cities, or miss out.

You can learn Dutch in Amsterdam, while do you shopping in Eindhoven. You can relax in Groningen, staying at one of the nicest hotels, and work in Utrecht. This what attracts most international people, since they often come from countries alot bigger than Holland. So, for them, it’s all incredibly convenient – to have everything around the corner, and have a great work-life balance, too! Take the quiz now, an see how well you know your Dutch cities.

How well do you know your Dutch cities?

How well do you know your Dutch cities?

Where do you find more bikes than people? What is the political capital of Holland? Try this quiz on popular Dutch cities ..Without Google or Wikipedia! 😉


Don’t think you did too well? Want to know your Dutch cities even better? Why not go beyond the cities, and learn alot more..?

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