It’s time to start being serious about learning Dutch. Or, at least pretend to be by taking this quiz brought to you by It’s really no use if you come to the Netherlands, work, live and bring zero to very little motivation when it comes to learning Dutch. You might think it’s a terrible language. It’s not like Hindi, Russian, Spanish or Arabic. And that’s exactly WHY you should be really serious about learning it – otherwise it won’t work!

Are you Tony Stark serious about learning Dutch? - Learn Dutch Quiz - Start being serious about learning Dutch today!
If you want to succeed in the Netherlands, it’s important to start being serious about learning Dutch. Find out how motivated you actually are today!

The truth is, as small, well-organised and charismatic our country can be, the same can be said about our language. If you get to know the Dutch language, you will soon find out the language is actually very logical and structured, and definitely can has its charm. Just look at all the beautiful Dutch poetry and literature our country has produced, with roots from all over the world. If you read Dutch novels and poetry, that is when you really get to know the rich and diverse culture the Dutch one actually is. It is one that has integrated cultures and principles from all previous Dutch colonies within itself. And together with that, of course also the people, their faith and cuisine – which you can find all over Holland if you haven’t noticed that already. That is also the reason why the Dutch come in all shapes and sizes, and racism (always a hot topic here) is not part of true Dutch culture and identity.

As you can see there are more than enough reasons to find out more about everything Dutch. So, are you ready to start being serious about learning Dutch?

How Serious Are You on Learning Dutch?

Find out how serious you REALLY are about learning Dutch..:)

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