It all depends on the student: there are people that master Dutch within a couple of months. Some can communicate independently within 2 years. And some never really learn it. How long does it take to learn Dutch? Ready for the core answer to this question?

The key thing here is: motivation. Do you REALLY want to learn Dutch? Is it really important to you, because of work, your new life in the Netherlands or for your Dutch partner?

Or is it something that you’d ‘just like to do’, that ‘might come in handy’? believes you can master Dutch in as much as a day – if you have the proper motivation. That’s why you can follow intensive individual courses at you won’t find anywhere else. That’s why a LDO Teacher is not only your teacher, but also your coach and honest friend – guiding you and showing you the right mindset.

How long it takes to learn Dutch? Go for clarity with the 3-day individual course, the Intensive Week Course and an Intensive Month course for the real die-hards. Find out more and sign up directly here.

The reality is that learning Dutch is not a real necessity for alot of internationals – as they work at relatively high levels and can manage with English alone. Furthermore, Dutch is considered hard by most people – though it is actually the closest language to English (confirmed by science!).

Dutch might not be the most beautiful language. But it sure is the most fun(ny)!

The sounds are different though, it’s not considered the most attractive sounding language by most, and all the exceptions to the many grammar rules also don’t help in boosting the language’s charisma.

BUT – if you are serious about participating and/or settling in Holland, you simply can’t to that without learning Dutch. If you want to look further than the ‘fun’ (and sometimes totally not fun) stereotypes of Dutch people and culture, this is impossible without learning the Dutch language.

So – make the right choice, and improve your life in the Netherlands starting today with an online Dutch course you can follow anywhere and that will hold you accountable. Always with LDO’s Golden Money-Back Guarantee. Good luck!

How long does it actually take to learn Dutch? Find out in the LDO Blog now!
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