Find out how Dutch you TRULY are with this fun quiz from! What do you think makes you Dutch? Is it the constant whining about everything? Or being very sober and direct, while enjoying an occasional ‘patatje met’ and a good soccer match?


The truth is, being Dutch means something else for everyone. But..There are some ESSENTIAL traits and habits that makes one Dutch. If you are looking to stay in this cold and mostly flat, little country for the rest of your life, better start working on your Dutch side. Since that will make your life alot easier in Holland. What will certainly help you with this, is following LDO on Instagram.

Learn Dutch Questions: Ben je gek? Brought to you by Learn Dutch!
Learn how Dutch you really are with this quiz today!

And if you are looking to work even more on your Dutch part, integrating and learning about the Dutch culture and language, you can always apply for one of our effective and fun Dutch courses. All courses of also strongly focus on building an understanding of Dutch culture, history and society – since you will learn the language alot quicker by immersing yourself in the Dutch culture as well, and because you will learn what it is to be Dutch. Since you will be taught how to write and speak out your opinion about relevant topics in Dutch society – in Dutch.

And in fact – it’s not that hard to become Dutch, in reality. But do you really want it? And why? Those remain important questions, of course. But this quiz can really give you an indication of the level of your Dutchness and your knowledge of Dutch culture and identity. So take it now!

So get right to it. Let’s find out how Dutch you truly are..And read on here about the 10 most common questions in Dutch – and how to answer them.

How Dutch are you?

How Dutch are you? Take this quiz and find out..

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