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If you live in the Netherlands or are planning to live here, is it a must to learn Dutch. Otherwise you’ll simply live in your own littel bubble and wont really know whats actually happening around you, or in the Netherlands! Other than that, it is a personal questions too: are you doing the inburgering or the staatsexamen?

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Is Dutch Arabic? English? French? Or Spanish? Obviously not!

Dutch is spoken in just a few countries, countries you probably never heard of and don’t care too much about – until now! These countries are amazing places, you probably wished you knew earlier of now you’re looking into learning Dutch. Countries like Suriname or the Dutch Antilles. With their people from an amazing melting pot of cultures, civilizations and religions!

Would you like to know how to greet in Dutch?

‘Hallo! Hoi! Hoe gaat het? Fijne dag!’ (= Hello! Hey! How are you? Have a nice day!)

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