LearnDutchOnline.nl has over 12 years of experience in working with expats and internationals living in and coming to Holland. You can rest assured we know where to find diverse and international staff in the Netherlands!

Our target audience consists mostly of (highly) skilled and educated people from all over the world, that speak fluent English and are eager to learn and improve themselves and their environment. The great thing is these great internationals find us. So they will find you too, if you choose to place your job offer on the LDO JobBoard! Something you should consider a big plus is: the employee you’ll find via the LDO JobBoard is at least looking into learning Dutch. Another big plus: we are the only expat job board for the Netherlands that guarantees a match. If you do not find a match using the LDO JobBoard, you get a full refund – no questions asked. Stop wasting time and find diverse and international staff with this expat job board now!

Although the Dutch job market is becoming increasingly international and skilled, most companies in the Netherlands still simply can’t find the right match for their vacancies. Meet the LDO JobBoard! If you are looking for new staff with international knowledge and experience, feel free to contact us on jobboard@learndutchonline.nl and have your job offer placed here. For a fair price. If you need to improve the diversity and inclusion of your company, the LDO JobBoard is also an obvious choice.

As the LearnDutchOnline.nl platform is growing rapidly with its position on the 2nd page of Google and nearing the 5,000 followers on Instagram, we are becoming more and more of the brand the founders envisioned when they started out. Why won’t your company benefit from this growth?

The LDO vision includes not only teaching people from all over the world to learn Dutch in the best way, but also to help them start their new life here in the Netherlands optimally – anywhere, at any given time. The LDO JobBoard is one of the ways to help the expat community in Holland. Also, it helps to close the gaps on the Dutch job market, by helping you to find a good match for your vacancies!

Stop struggling to find diverse and international staff in the Netherlands. Send us your request at jobboard@learndutchonline.nl now.

The LDO JobBoard aims to be the nr.1 place to find that perfect expat for your vacancy. Given LearnDutchOnline.nl is an increasingly popular brand among expats in the Netherlands, your company will have access to most of the expat community that resides in our beautiful little country.

Placement Packages (charged per 30 days, VAT included)

  • Job offer, text only on job board: € 149,95
  • Job offer, text and small flyer/banner on job board: € 199,95
The LDO JobBoard is meant to improve the Dutch job market, that is becoming more and more international every day. With this expat job board you, as an employer in the Netherlands, can place your vacancies and find the perfect match to make your team international and diverse at the same time!
Example of a big flyer you can place today on the LDO JobBoard!

– Job offer, text, big banner/flyer on job board and 1x Instagram mention OR in the LDO Newsletter (max. 50 words mention): € 249,95

  • Small flyer/banner on job board and in the LDO Blog: € 199,95
  • Big flyer/banner on job board: € 199,95
  • Small flyer/banner on job board and 1x in the LDO Newsletter: € 249,95

– Small flyer/banner on job board and LDO homepage: € 349,95

  • Big flyer/banner on job board and LDO homepage: € 399,95

– Additional text block (100 words) on job board/LDO Blog/homepage/Instagram/Newsletter: € 99,95

  • Customized placement – mail us on jobboard@learndutchonline.nl!

General conditions: a text block consists of max. 100 words. Max. 1 text block can be added on the LDO Blog, the homepage, the Newsletter and on Instagram. Text is always placed under your banner/flyer. 10 text blocks is the maximum amount allowed on the LDO JobBoard. A big banner/flyer is equal in size to the example flyer above. A small banner/flyer is half of this size. It’s up to you how you position your banner/flyer (vertical/horizontal). After sending your request, you’ll get a confirmation by mail with your invoice. There is a maximum amount of advertising allowed on the homepage and blog. If your banner/flyer can’t be placed now, you can choose to be put on the waiting list. Our dedicated team is always ready to answer your questions and feedback via jobboard@learndutchonline.nl.

Ready to find diverse and international staff in the Netherlands? That’s highly skilled too?

Send us your preferred package with your name, promotional content, company name and phone nr. at jobboard@learndutchonline.nl and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

The number 1 expat job board in the Netherlands! Find diverse and international staff with the LDO JobBoard now.  - By LearnDutchOnline.nl
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