Is it possible to find a job in the Netherlands, now? During this pandemic? It certainly is! Yes, times are difficult for everyone, but there’s still alot of work in good ol’ Holland. put together the 10 best tips that will help anyone to find a job where you can use both Dutch and English. Do you know other great tips we forgot to include? Sharing is caring. Good luck with finding a new ‘baan’!

1. Indeed

Obviously, we can’t forget the leading online job board. You can have your opinion on, but the website really delivers.

You can filter, search in a specific city and surrounding places and even fill in your preferred hourly wage. Upload your ‘CV’, fill in your details and start appyling. Done correctly, you can have a brand new (extra) job within mere days. True story.

2. Uitzendbureaus

Uitzendbureaus is the Dutch word for recruitment agencies. Randstad is still the biggest and best one (of the world apparently!), and you can find offices of this giant throughout the whole of Holland. They’re absolutely friendly and can get you a job very fast. Other welll-known agencies include Unique, Manpower, Timing and Adecco. The smaller companies can often also help you very well – especially if you’re looking for a suitable job more locally.

Eagerly looking for a suitable job in the Netherlands?  Maybe these tips brought to you by can help you! Find a job in the Netherlands, even now.
The area in the Netherlands that’s called ‘de randstad’.

3. Register at students’ and young professionals’ recruitment agencies

An important reason is the weekly pay, and the chance you’re probably a student or young professional anyway if you’re an expat in Holland. YoungCapital is absolutely the biggest in this branch and can help you within mere hours. No joke. Just ask teachers and others working for – every Dutch student knows YC.

YoungCapital is one the Netherlands' leading job agencies. They're specialized in helping students and young professionals.

Great too is that you can find these agencies in all the important student’ cities in the Netherlands: Utrecht, Amsterdam, Groningen, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Maastricht etc.

If you’re still studying or you just finished your studies, these agencies can certainly help you out. But even if you’re not a student, still in high school or even a senior citizen – you can get a job via these great organisations.

4. LinkedIn

An obvious one! You can’t get around LinkedIn if you’re serious about your career nowadays. Use the search functionality, message potential Dutch employers and ask your new Dutch connections about career opportunities. An absolute must if you want to find a job in the Netherlands fast!

5. Look for a job in the big cities

As in many countries, there’s a big difference between Dutch villages, small cities and the big cities in terms of job offers and work mentality. The most international cities in Holland at the moment are Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

If you quickly have to find a job that fits your educational level and expertise, it’s really best to look in those great cities. Especially if your Dutch is not that strong (yet), apply for jobs there, as alot of times speaking and writing Dutch isn’t a necessity.

6. Learn Dutch to find a job in the Netherlands!

If you REALLY want to augment your chances on the Dutch job market, consider learning Dutch. Start speaking and writing Dutch now, by downloading and using all of the free Dutch learning resources provides. Or, be really smart, and sign up for one of LDO’s proven effective courses.

If you learn Dutch before starting your career in Holland, your experience is completely different. More doors will inevitably open up, as you’ll grow your network, make new friends and get to know Dutch society at a deeper level.

Even if you’re already working, following a Dutch course will show your work environment you’re putting in the effort to be of optimal value. Suddenly, you understand what your boss is really saying, and you won’t feel completely weirded out during the annual BBQ – or weekly ‘borrel’. 😉

7. Talk to people from the organisation you want to work with

This really works!

Use LinkedIn, mail (ex-) employees, give them a call and go grab something to drink (if and when it’s possible of course). Showing your interest like this proves your motivation and determination to your potential future employer and colleagues. Dutch people generally really value these characteristics.

8. Take care of yourself: dress to impress and for success!

This is quite obvious, but still worth mentioning. Your resume might be the same as the next guy or girl, but what makes you stand out in front of a Dutch employer then is your appearance, behaviour and your radiation (uitstraling in Dutch).

Looking for work in Holland? Here are the 10 best tips to help you find a job in the Netherlands very quickly!
Dress for success!

Practice some sports, get a haircut, iron your best clothes and keep on smiling. Also: do your research about the company, ask open questions and show how you can add value. You’re a winner!

9. Create your resume in Dutch (CV)

This is a LDO Golden Tip: if you write your resume in Dutch, you show that

  • You’re willing to learn Dutch language and customs
  • You’re truly motivated
Use this FREE Dutch resume template to get selected during your job hunt in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam or the other great cities in Holland!

10. Apply in Dutch (with this FREE application letter template!)

And this is today’s LDO Blogs Platina tip, as it truly shows your willingness to learn the language and integrate even more – as you probably already have learnt Dutch in order to write this letter. Even if it’s just a little bit – your intention is clear for your potential Dutch boss, when he or she reads your application letter in Dutch!


BONUS TIP: Ignore racism and prejudice

Unfortunately, we had to include this, as it’s becoming more clear every day that racism is a rampant problem within Dutch society. But not everywhere, and not with everyone – luckily.

So never give up, don’t accept discirimination of any kind, report it, use the power of social media as much as you feel is necessary and you’ll find a good fit soon enough. Succes!

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Find a Job during these crazy times in the Netherlands: 10 Best Tips!

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