Settling in any new country can be very hard. Luckily, we have the internet. And luckily, there are quite some good platforms for you – expat or Dutchie-to-be – to get you all settled down and organised in the Netherlands.

Here is’s pick of the best expat portals to the Netherlands, providing you with anything from information on employment, events in your area of residence, education, housing and more! We hope this can be of great value to you. If you think something is missing or should be adjusted – just drop us an email!

Study in Holland

Thinking about studying in the Netherlands? This is your portal! The Netherlands has grown out to be a very popular spot for international students. Check out Study in Holland to find out about all bachelors and masters offered (in English) by universities, ‘hogescholen’ and other relevant institutions – and how to apply for Dutch study programmes, how to finance your course or study and related rules and regulations.

The database is a non-profit, government funded initiative of Nuffic to inform students about Dutch higher education worldwide. If you need more reasons to study in the Netherlands, check this out!

The Best Expat Portals to The Netherlands! - The Blog! - the best Dutch in the best way!
Homepage of Study in Holland.

Holland Expat Center

The Holland Expat Center is the portal for expats and internationals in the south of the Netherlands – Brabant to be more specific! This part of the country is quite different from the big cities in the ‘randstad’. A separate expat portal is therefore very understandable. The most well-known expat hub here is Eindhoven, without a doubt. Eindhoven pulls in numerous students and (highly skilled) expats every year, due to the TU university and multinationals like Philips. The city changed enormously over the past 10 years and is in constant flux – which makes it an essential city both nationals and internationals simply cannot ignore anymore.

You can expect to find information on this city and cities like Den Bosch (‘s Hertogenbosch), Breda and also Waalwijk on this non-profit, governmental organisation. Smaller cities in Brabant, like Oss, are up-and-coming too. What differentiates these cities from the bigger ones are the many industrial areas, filled with warehouses from big Dutch household names like and Jumbo.

The biggest distributor of medicine – Movianto – actually operates from the Brabant city Oss. If you followed Dutch news, you know this company is conserving the very first COVID-19 vaccines..

Holland Expat Centers’ main objective is to make expats feel welcome and at home in Brabant. Isn’t that great? Visit them here!

Expatica – NL

Did you got fresh off your plane at Schiphol? Or are you looking into moving to the Netherlands? If so, this is definitely your go-to expat portal!

Use expat guide Expatica to find out general information for your new life in the Netherlands! - the LDO Blog: the best expat portals to the Netherlands

This is a very user-friendly platform with general information on the Netherlands. Makes sense, as Expatica is the expat guide for virtually any country in the world.

This online guide to the Netherlands is divided into several categories. Whether you’re looking for info on education, housing, healthcare or housing – Expatica has got your back.

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Who doesn’t know

It’s, without a doubt, the leading international magazine of the Netherlands. Their mission is to to inform their audience on the most important stories coming out of the Netherlands. And to entertain, all while being sharp and objective. We’re an absolute fan, as they hate Trump and aren’t hiding it:

The Best Expat Portals to The Netherlands! - The Blog! - the best Dutch in the best way!
Mission statement of What’s not to love?

This amazing online magazine is divided in engaging categories. From innovation news, humor to guides on how to do things in the Netherlands ‘like a proper Dutchie’. Of course, the great team behind DR reviews places in Holland you should definitely visit.

If you’re looking for ideas for day trips or information about the hottest events and restaurants in the Netherlands, has got you covered, too! Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook as well.

I Am Expat

Arguably the biggest expat portal in the Netherlands, as this is the organisation behind the biggest expat event in Holland. Visit this website for great articles, important Dutch news and really everything you need (to know) if you just moved to the Netherlands. If you’re planning to come to Holland for work or study, you have to check I Am Expat out.

If you’re an entrepreneur or looking to promote your non-profit organisation, you can always talk to them. Who knows – you might be next popular stand on the biggest event for internationals (when the COVID-issues are finally over).

Healthcare, official issues like your BSN, work or residence permit, drivers license, an overview of Dutch cities and even lifestyle. This is the place to be for everyone who feels related to the Netherlands’ expat family. It’s a household name. A tribe, even. Are you expat or not?

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Expats in the Netherlands, here are the 5 best portals for internationals and expats to Holland!

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