Is Dutch completely new for you? Are you planning to move to the Netherlands or did you just move here? The Budget A1 Course is specifically designed for those that want or need to learn the basics of Dutch – on a budget. In this online Dutch course for absolute beginners you will practice all language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will receive a lot of personal feedback during the course. Your experienced live trainer will be available to answer any questions you might have. In this online Dutch course you will work towards language level A1 in just 4 weeks!

In the Budget A1 Course, the Dutch language is presented and practiced in the following everyday situations: introducing yourself, shopping, going out, setting appointments and asking for information. You will also learn some basic Dutch grammar and basic Dutch vocabulary. This online Dutch course is completely online and lasts just 4 weeks. At the end of this course you do an exam to check your progress. If you pass, you get a certificate showing you reached a Dutch CEFR level of A1.

This package can be considered a Dutch level 1 course, bringing you from A0 to A1 (e-learning with live teacher). In this course you will work towards language level A1. Previous knowledge of Dutch is not required. Sign up here immediately.

What are the learning goals of this course? What is the course outline?

Work towards language level A1. Online, saving you time and money! You can follow this course on Friday morning and evening, and on Saturday and Sunday morning. Class timing are from 6 to 9 PM and 10 AM to 1 PM.

At the end of the course you will be able to understand Dutch in basic, everyday situations. You will also be able to produce simple phrases, since you built up some basic vocabulary. No more English in the supermarket for you!

Which method will I use with the Budget A1 Course?

You can do this course on your computer or tablet from all over the world. With this course you will practice Dutch listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary on an individual- and group basis. Answers to the exercises and other feedback can always be provided. At, we know a personal and no-nonsense works best when it comes to learning Dutch. So your teacher will always be there to give you online feedback for all the exercises you work on!

For this course all the materials are online and digital. After registration you will receive a login code from your LDO Teacher.

Are you interested in this course? Do you really want to kickstart your life in the Netherlands? Grab your seat here!

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How much time do I have to invest in this course?

  • This course consists of 4 weeks, during which you’ll focus on specific topics and grammar. You will have access to the course for a period of 6 weeks. This way, you have room to practice some more whenever you feel like and do a retake if necessary, after the course ended.
  • The average student spends around 20 – 30 hours on this course, and you are free to organize your study hours and homework according to your schedule. Chill!

What are the practical things I need to know?

  • The language of instruction is Dutch, in combination with some English instructions. So you’ll speaking Dutch from you very first lesson!
  • For this course all the materials are presented online. After registration you will receive a login code from your teacher.
  • If you start this course with a friend or family member, both of you will receive a 10% discount.
  • Would you like to continue with a follow-up course after completing this module? You can go for an A2-level of Dutch – and beyond. If you choose to continue learning Dutch at, you get a 10% loyalty discount!’s online Dutch lessons are proving popular with busy, skilled internationals from all over the world. existed way before the world found out the value of online tuition because of the corona crisis. To help as much people as fast as possible, the founders of LDO decided to go fully online long before the pandemic changed the world forever. With students accessing online teacher-led lessons from home, a new comfortable and time-and-money-saving way of learning Dutch was found. And what was meant as a temporary solution is now considered a permanent valuable alternative. was ahead of this curve and is the original online Dutch school, offering online courses at all levels starting at Beginners Basic A1 up to Advanced C2. If you start your Dutch journey with us, you will soon realize we are the absolute expert in online Dutch lessons!

Students can practice their speaking skills during all of our courses, since the focus is on learning how to speak Dutch from lesson #1.

You are forever welcome to join a failsafe and fun Dutch course at either A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2 level. Sign up for all of’s Dutch courses here!

All of our regular courses include the books and access to our e-learning environment. You can learn Dutch at your own pace.

The Budget A1 Course is an online beginners course with a teacher. This course is for people who are just starting to learn Dutch.

The Budget A1 course is for people who are just starting to learn Dutch.

At LDO, we always work in small groups of max. 7 pupils led by an experienced teacher that actually studied Dutch. All of regular our group courses include at least 17 hours as well as an exam at the end (all CEFR levels). In addition to the online classes with a teacher, the costs for this course also include our own lesson books and access to our e-learning environment. After this course, you can go for an intermediate and even advanced level of Dutch. For example, you could go for the Learn Dutch Now! course, bringing you to a B1 level in just 12 weeks!

Students doing the final exam of the Budget A1 Course..They all passed!

Dutch Course Online Beginners A1 Level for the lowest price: only at!

With the Budget A1 Course, you will work in small groups of at most 7 students. Always led by an experienced teacher. This course includes 4 lessons as well as an exam at the end (level A1). In addition to the online classes with a teacher, the costs for this course also include our own lesson books and access to our e-learning environment. Extra online and physical grammar books, exercises and lessons can be purchased while registering.

Can’t decide which online Dutch course to choose? Click here for an overview of all’s online Dutch classes. Additional online lessons with a private teacher are always possible!

Our LDO teachers are skilled, creative professionals, trained in teaching interactive, effective online lessons. is flexible towards students in case the online lessons don’t meet your expectations. Flexibility is one of our core values, because we understand just how stressful an international life can be.

This Dutch Course is for you if:

  • you want to learn a lot of Dutch in a short period of time.
  • you want to learn Dutch for your job or future.
  • you have time and space to study Dutch.
  • you know why you want or need to learn Dutch.
  • you want to practice Dutch speaking every week.
  • you want to learn how to speak and write Dutch correctly.

You will experience a proven unique method that will give you the best Dutch learning experience. You will definitely boost your confidence in our student-centered Dutch classes as well! started its development in 2011 with one goal: to help anyone, anywhere learn Dutch fast in an easy way. During the last 12 years we have developed our method into one of the best Dutch learning and teachings methods worldwide. is for all students who want to speak Dutch confidently and naturally. That’s why we developed this affordable, fast track Dutch course for absolute beginners like you!

This course will help you to understand basic Dutch and feel comfortable when dealing with native Dutch-speaking cultures.

To help you reach an A1-level of Dutch so fast – in just 4 weeks – our classes focus on speaking, writing and grammar skills. Our method makes Dutch grammar visual and easy to understand so you can learn the Dutch language in an easy way and progress fast. Grab your spot in this Dutch course for absolute beginners here now!

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