It’s the one and only true festival for (new) expats in the Netherlands: the IAmExpat Fair in Amsterdam and the Hague, launched in 2015. A great thing about this festival for internationals in Holland, is that it is free. The event has hosted more than 290 companies, ran 152 workshops and welcomed more than 20.000 visitors from 150 countries already. It’s really the biggest expat festival of the Netherlands!

This alone should convince you to book that free ticket and go. You won’t regret it. You only have to apply on their website and for each individual event, which takes place in the specific areas in the Berlage building in Amsterdam and the Grote Kerk in Den Haag.

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De Grote Kerk in The Hague!

May the best thing about the fair: it’s totally free!

Just arrived in the Netherlands and want to get a good glimpse of what this small, rainy country is all about? Make sure to visit this festival at least once. You will find it’s an amazing investment of your time, as all the services you might need as an expat are eagerly waiting for you to welcome you (and to make you their new customers, obviously): housing, education, comedy, yoga, municipality and legal – even chair massages – everything you will look for at one moment or another during your life in Holland is present during this amazing, local business-packed international festival.

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And if you’re alone (and maybe a little lonely, too), it’s not a bad idea to grab those tickets and network a little. You will definitely find some cool new friends during this I am not a tourist event. That will make your life away from friends and family alot easier. You missed today’s edition in Amsterdam, but maybe that’s a good thing considering the weather. No worries: the next edition is in Den Haag/the Hague on the 9th of November. Get your tickets here.

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What can you expect at the IAmExpat fair?

Some cool companies you will find there are

..and many others.

The IAmExpat team behind the biggest expat festival of the Netherlands has a nice following on Facebook and Instagram too. Don’t forget to follow them, and tell them sent you. Enjoy!

Visit the best expat festival for free in Amsterdam and the Hague to get exactly what you need!
Watch a video of the IAmExpat team on Vimeo!

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The Biggest Expat Festival of the Netherlands: IAmExpat, I am not a tourist!

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