The founding teachers of studied Dutch at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam and started helping out people in Amsterdam, some 13 years back, after their high school graduation from the famous Barlaeus Gymnasium amongst other renowned institutions. This combination of high-level education and the diverse, international & progressive character of Amsterdam is at the core of LDO’s vision: making the Dutch language and culture accesible to anyone, anywhere – with the best online Dutch language course.

Back then, the LDO teachers mainly helped out children and adults with their Dutch language skills. The founding teachers also helped communicating with the school and other official instances. They became very aware of the Netherlands’ increasing international diversity and the typical expat issues. Dealing with internationals, and helping them on a personal level, therefore comes natural to all of the teachers and employees at teaches you Dutch to improve your life in the Netherlands. Guaranteed. On effective, affordable AND fun lessons. Online, whenever and wherever you want!

LDO aims to deliver the best online Dutch language courses, adjusted to the busy life of professional internationals living in the Netherlands. If you go for a LDO online Dutch course, you can only win: you’ll enjoy the pleasure of convenient online language lessons and save time and money in the process. On top of that, you get the golden LDO guarantee: if you don’t reach your goals with your Dutch course from, you get a full refund – no questions asked.

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Are you looking for Dutch conversation classes? Learning how to speak Dutch properly will benefit you tremendously! Just think about how mastering the Dutch language will improve your job opportunities in the Netherlands. Or how it will make your social life in Holland better. Speaking Dutch is essential, if you’re living in Holland. Even more so if you’re planning to stay.

‘But Dutch is so hard!’

– in Dutch our reply would be ‘Het valt wel mee!’, meaning: It’s not that bad!. If you put in the effort and the time, you too can master the Dutch language very fast. That’s definitely the experience we have at, with students from all over the world. Corporate managers working at the Zuidas, restaurant owners in Rotterdam, Phd-holders and researchers living near Eindhoven and highly educated mothers with a business from Australia – these are just some of the people who decide to become students at the original online Dutch school – You can be next. Click here to register now for the best online Dutch language course you’ll find!

Another reason for you to go for our online lessons is the fact we’ve been doing the online Dutch lessons thing long before it became a necessity. Needless to say, your future teacher from LDO will have alot more experience with online Dutch teaching than others. Online language teaching is our expertise, and many of our teachers are also teachers at Dutch schools and universities – giving them an extra edge over the competition. If you become a student in one of the LDO classrooms, you’ll see we know exactly how to engage you during rich and effective language lessons. You won’t be bored, and you will definitely pay attention, all while really learning Dutchthat’s how fun online Dutch lessons can be!

All of’s courses are built around proven language learning methods. Key to most courses is immersion; this means you’ll be reading Dutch, speaking Dutch, writing Dutch and listening to Dutch from your very first lesson. Your experienced teacher will push you to speak Dutch immediately with conversations solely in Dutch right away.

Why you should register for an online Dutch course at LDO right now:

  • Convenient: enjoy learning Dutch from the comfort of your own home, while on vacation or from the beach (as long as you’re fully clothed)
  • Save time and money: all of LDO’s lessons are completely online, so you won’t have to pay to travel to a course location and can immediately continue Netflixing afterwards
  • Experienced and professional teachers: you’ll get the best native speaking teachers who know the Dutch language and culture inside-out
  • Affordable and fun Dutch learning: you won’t pay big fees at, most of our courses will charge you between 20-25 euro’s an hour
  • The Golden LDO Guarantee: you’re entitled to a full refund if you don’t reach your goals with your LDO course!

Are you ready to learn Dutch AND actually being able to speak it because your Dutch will be so good, Dutch people won’t dare to reply in English? REGISTER HERE and get started on the best online Dutch course very soon. Another benefit of LDO group courses is the small group size. That way, we can guarantee the necessary social distancing (just joking).

Every part of LDO’s online Dutch courses is designed to make you master the language and reach your goals. That’s what makes these the best online Dutch language courses you’ll find.

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Reading and writing in Dutch are very important, too. But you truly master the language if you can speak it well. Only then you can benefit optimally from all the conversations in that particular language you’d be otherwise missing out on. What kind of conversations would you like to have in Dutch?

Imagine understanding your Dutch colleagues and neighbours, and making beautiful small talk with them – completely in Dutch.

Imagine being able to watch Dutch news and television. If you’re an expat in Holland, living in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht or Amstelveen, you might think you don’t need to speak Dutch – but the reality is you do.

Even if you only need to speak English at work and with family, learning Dutch will open up a whole new world for you. You’ll be able to understand Dutch people and culture optimally – not just like an eternal outsider.

Learn Dutch for free from our HD Youtube clips: the How to Dutch-series! Click here for more free Dutch learning resources. No excuses!