Looking to invest in yourself this spring? Want to celebrate Kingsday in Dutch? Have a real Dutch summer? Then go for one of the online Dutch courses, starting with all-new groups from coming Sunday the 23rd of April!

A1 Dutch Course Online..For just €123,95! (update: next groups start from Friday the 12th of May!)

If you are completely new to Dutch and are on a budget, the Budget A1 Course is perfect for you. In small groups of max. 7 students, you will go from 0 to an A1-level of Dutch in just 4 weeks. This is an all-inclusive course, which means materials, certification and an exam at the end is all included for free! Sign up for this online A1 course here now.

Spring is an ideal time to go for one of LearnDutchOnline.nl's online Dutch courses!
Course schedule spring 2023, LearnDutchOnline.nl. Which Dutch course are you following? And from where?

Learn A1 Dutch with top-notch materials in just 1 month

The Basic Dutch in 1 Month is the course for you if you want to learn basic Dutch fast. This is an intensive online group course for absolute beginners. At the end of this course you do an exam (written and oral). If you pass, you get your certificate. This is a regular course, and not meant for people on a tight budget – that’s what the Budget A1 Course is for! Sign up for the Basic Dutch in 1 Month online A1 course here now!

Learn Dutch Now! – The Dutch online course for beginners that want to reach an A2 or B1 level (inburgering) in 6 or 12 weeks! (update: new groups from the 17th of May)

The Learn Dutch Now!-course is one of the most popular Dutch courses at LearnDutchOnline.nl. It’s fun and effective – because you’re learning in small groups after office hours or in the weekend. It’s less intensive than the month courses, because the A2 version takes 6 immersive weeks, giving you enough space to study and prepare your homework. You will work on no-nonsense ready-to-use Dutch language skills alone and together with your class mates, working towards either an A2 or B1 level of Dutch. These levels are required to pass for the inburgeringsexamen.

This is the best online Dutch course for you, if you want to

  • Pass your Dutch integration exam
  • Improve your chances on the Dutch job market
  • Learn real Dutch you can use immediately to better connect with friends, colleagues, family and neighbors in Holland!

Subscribe for the LDN!-course here now!

‘I want to learn Dutch, but…’ – Check out 10 reasons as to why to learn Dutch in the first place here! (INFOGRAPHIC)

Online Dutch courses save you time, money and stress. You don’t have to spend time and money traveling to a real classroom. And you do not have ot worry about getting sick or stressed out because of traffic. At LearnDutchOnline.nl you have the added benefit of Extreme Flexibility (R); you can reschedule your classes, save them and follow them when you have more space and time!

LearnDutchOnline.nl teaches Dutch to anyone, anywhere, anytime. For over 12 years now. With the unique Golden Money-Back Guarantee. You can rest assured we always have the best online Dutch courses for you. Are you next?

Whatever the level of Dutch is you want to reach, we have the perfect course for you. Learn Dutch for beginners, an online Dutch course B2, C1 or even C2 – learn Dutch at the level you want, in a fun group or individually..Or get all of your money back!

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Learn Dutch whenever and wherever you want in an effective online course with materials, certification and tests included or get your money back otherwise! LearnDutchOnline.nl is the original online Dutch school providing skilled expats from all over the world with the best online Dutch courses for over 12 years now. Click here to become our next succesful student of Dutch.

NEW Groups Starting this Spring 2023!
Learn Dutch Online.nl - Affordable and Fun Online Dutch Courses. With a Guarantee!
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