Looking for a nice group to practice Dutch? There are loads of amazing Dutch learning groups on the web. In our experience, the best ones are on Facebook and Instagram. These groups help you to improve your Dutch, as you can share your thoughts and ask questions to fellow students of the Dutch language. If you’re stuck with understanding grammar, building a sentence or translation, you just ask. Thank you, social media: here are the best Dutch learning groups according to LearnDutchOnline.nl, for you!

1. Dutchies to be – Learn Dutch with Kim (Facebook and Instagram)

Absolutely one of newer and most personal ones. Kim’s energy is felt in everything she puts out, and people love it. You can really feel her love for Dutch in every video she creates! Obviously, she has a Youtube channel, too.

2. LearnDutch.org (Facebook)

The absolute standard. Funny clips on typical Dutch things, free Dutch learning, and very critical at times. If you don’t know them, you ain’t serious about learning Dutch, maine. And you’re probably living under a rock, too. LearnDutch.org is absolutely one of the best Dutch learning groups and pages on Insta and Facebook.

3. Learn Dutch Offical (Instagram)

Amazing, beautiful content. Learn the basics of Dutch grammar, and more, with the concise and colourful Dutch learning clips of Learn Dutch Official.

Their related Facebook group is Learn Dutch (Facebook) by the way.

Why learn Dutch in the first place? Find out here!

4. DutchPod101.com (Facebook & Instagram)

Another standard resource for all the Dutch students out there. One of the best Dutch learning groups there are. DutchPod101.com has incredible, practical Dutch learning content. Their content is very easy on the eye and new Dutch learning material is uploaded daily. This is one is an absolute go-to if you’re looking to get started with Dutch.

5. Learn Dutch with Alain (Facebook)

This is also a very nice, very personal group, where you can learn Dutch. Alain is a Dutch teacher, making his own materials, courses and content. Definitely worth checking out!

6. Learn Dutch-Nederlands Club (Facebook)

This is a nice group, posting regular updates with Dutch words and example sentences. The group also shares interesting blog articles from sites like IAmsterdam and (quite nationalistic) posts on the royal family of the Netherlands. Gotta love Koningsdag!

Obviously, LDO’s own insta provides you with the best Dutch memes, fun Dutch learning content and alot more. For free. Follow us now!

8. Learn Dutch Today. And let it Stick. (Facebook)

‘FANTASTIC community of learners of Dutch worldwide! Pick up language and culture tips, practice together!’, thus their own description. Their content is on point, and they provide Skype lessons, too. Check out their website here.

9. Hollandaca not Defterim (Instagram)

This is one of the most popular Dutch learning pages on Insta. The great part – it’s for Turkish people wanting to learn Dutch! Amazing to see how many people speaking Turkish want to master Dutch. Obviously, people with Turkish roots have a long history with Holland. When döner is a common Dutch street food, and men with roots in Turkey are part of the Dutch government, you know there’s a deep connection.

ALL the best Dutch language learning groups and pages on Instagram and Facebook at one place? Yes, LDO’s listed them for you here!

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