Looking into learning Dutch? For work, integration or just for fun? It would be nice to learn some Dutch, even just to make good conversation with neighbours and friends, right? This is easier than it seems. Of course, you’re always welcome as one of our students, but here’s a list of 3 online tools LearnDutchOnline’s teachers love to use to make their students learn Dutch fast, online.


Juf Melis is one of our good online friends. She decided to create her cool platform with her husband for anyone interested in practicing with important Dutch grammar. Part of the exercises are free, some are premium.

This free Dutch learning website is especially convenient for beginning and intermediate students. You can learn how to use the past tense in Dutch here, ‘t Kofschip, the imperative etc., etc.

Even advanced learners of the Dutch language will find good practice on this great educational site from lady Melis!


Looking for FREE, real Dutch television? Whole generations have learnt proper English from Cartoon Network back in the day, here in Holland. The trick: subtitles! So why would this not work the other way around, eh?

The best part maybe, is that you can watch most of these typical Dutch shows everywhere at any given time. It’s one of the best ways to learn Dutch fast online. You can pause, stop, rewind, fast forward. Even make memes out of them.

Some good, popular Dutch shows you should check out:

  • Wie is de Mol?
  • Boer zoekt vrouw
  • De wereld draait door


‘Inburgeren’ means to ‘citizen in’. Weird, right?

It’s the verb that came into existence when the Netherlands couldn’t deal with the big stream of ‘newcomers’ (=nieuwkomers, immigrants), when right wing and racist thinking was on the rise. That’s obviously not a scientific fact but mainly your favourite Dutch learning platforms humble opinion. The word, fortunately, lost most of its negative connotation. Now it’s just the verb used for everyone interested in gaining Dutch citizenship.

The Dutch civic integration exam is called ‘het inburgeringsexamen’. You can see the connection. And you guessed it – inburgeren.nl is the official website the government runs for this exam and its procedure. Want to ace your inburgering? Click here!

On the website of the inburgering, you can find several example exams. If you’re serious about learning Dutch, you will use this information wisely. And make all those exams. Several times. And do let us know if you can use some extra help..;)

Need more ways to learn Dutch fast online?

Then you will want to check out the free resources LearnDutchOnline.nl provides for you: free Dutch grammar and culture clips of 1 minute, fun Dutch quizzes and FREE Dutch exercises. There’s even a free (text-based) course!

Enjoyed this blogpost? Keep on reading, here. And do let us know your thoughts in the comments. Peace!

3 top Dutch sites YOU can use to learn Dutch FAST!

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