Join the amazing, effective and fun group course teaching you real Dutch: the Learn Dutch Now course in Amsterdam for only 299,50 euro's!


Looking for the best Dutch course of Amsterdam and other major cities in the Netherlands?

Join our most popular Dutch group course now: the Learn Dutch Now course. It has been running for over 5 years now. Students are studying, working, parents or just looking to learn something new. Some prepare for the inburgering. Others need it for work purposes. It has attracted people from all over the world, and all over the country: most groups consist of students from Haarlem, Hilversum, Hoofddorp and even as far as Utrecht! Why: it’s fun. It’s affordable. It’s real. And it’s effective. Read what these and other students have to say about the LDN course on this page, don’t trust us if we say it’s the best Dutch course of Amsterdam and surrounding places..;)

Valeria: ‘I was able to write near flawless sentences after just two sessions!’, student, Utrecht


Gary: ‘In enjoyed every class I followed of the Learn Dutch Now!-course in Amsterdam!’, student, Amsterdam


Helen: ‘I think the Learn Dutch Now!-course is a very good initiative, and you can clearly see the instructors are not about the money – they really want to help you out!’, student, Utrecht

Jayson: ‘Finally, a Dutch class where we actually DO something! I learnt so much after only one month, I feel comfortable speaking a little Dutch already. I’m convinced this is the best Dutch course of Amsterdam and surrounding places!’, student, Amsterdam

Martin: ‘The classes are very fun; we do everything and the course seems to be designed to really immerse you, the student, in the Dutch language, and that of course is very effective in itself.’, student, Amsterdam

Tynie: ‘The LDN course has very good teachers; I only follow these classes, because he explains it very well and I always understand what he is telling me!’, student, Amsterdam


Maniraju: ‘I signed up to prepare for my inburgeringsexamen and I am well on my way to ace it with this course and its incredibly helpful instructors; I am absolutely positive I will succeed!’, student, Amsterdam

Naomy: ‘I think the course is very nice, also since they really adapt to your needs and level when necessary. I never leave a class unsatisfied!’, student, Utrecht

Mittali: ‘What I like about the Learn Dutch Now-course of is that you dive in the Dutch language immediately and start practicing with every aspect of it: writing, reading, conversation – it’s just great, incredible value for little money. Absolutely the best Dutch course of Amsterdam, and so fun.’, student, Amsterdam

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