Register today to secure your spot on the exlusive and effective small Dutch group course in Amsterdam and other cities! - Get The 100 most important Dutch questions, phrases, verbs and words for FREE!

How will you, as an expat, learn Dutch? Well, you can start with the 100 most important Dutch questions, phrases, verbs and words (with translation and examples!) – FREE E-BOOK!

The most important Dutch phrases and words – how much do you need to know them? If you’re new in Holland – as a highly skilled migrant for example – chances are you need them pretty hard. For work, the inburgeringsexamen or just for integration in the Netherlands. Because we at love what we do, and love you, our students (and potential students), we’ve compiled a 15-page e-book with not only the essential Dutch phrases and words, but also the 100 most important Dutch questions and verbs. With practical examples and translation!

These lists – a total of 300 words and verbs, phrases and questions – consist of the most common Dutch verbal expressions. You will absolutely benefit from this e-book, as it contains the essentials for speaking Dutch. The experienced teachers at LDO selected all of the entries based on a practical, daily use – according to what native Dutch speakers use in real life.

Register today to secure your spot on the exlusive and effective small Dutch group course in Amsterdam and other cities! - Get The 100 most important Dutch questions, phrases, verbs and words for FREE!

If your English is good, this e-book is especially convenient for you. Translation and examples of the Dutch words, questions, phrases and verbs are given in English. Learning Dutch has never been more easy! You will never get stuck during a conversation with Dutch friends and collegeaus, or while shopping. Simply download the e-book and you’ll have the most important Dutch phrases and words in the palm of your hand (if you’re reading it from you smartphone or tablet).

All daily situations are caught in these 300 expressions; you will find questions and answers for

  • when doing your shopping at Albert Heijn,
  • when going out,
  • for at school and
  • even when dating with a Dutchie!

From ‘alles goed?’ to ‘ik vind je leuk!’ – what’s not to love?

Start learning Dutch with this unique online beginners’ course, teaching you the basics of the language, with interactive and immersive exercises!

As the introduction of the 100 most important Dutch questions, phrases, verbs and words reads: print it out, hang it on your toilet (as real Dutchies do) and memorize it. There’s no way you cannot benefit from this amazing free ebook during your stay in the Netherlands.


Level up your Dutch! has been providing high quality Dutch lessons to adults and children for more than 10 years. To both natives and internationals. You can therefore always find a suitable Dutch course here. If you love Dutch, languages, fun and effective teaching and want to feel at home in the Netherlands, you can’t afford not to love! Effective, because every course you’ll do will give you the active practice you need to adopt this new language.

As a loyal LDO follower, you get new free learning materials every week, varying from Dutch words explained to complete courses. Or an amazing, ‘leuk’ e-book with the most important Dutch phrases and words (wink).

Other reasons to choose for a Dutch course from LDO are

  • 99% of students can speak and write Dutch without errors during their first lesson and 70% can communicate effectively after 6 weeks |read what our students are saying here!
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  • materials, certification and exams are always included, you never pay extra!

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Extensive afternoon and evening course? Or do you prefer the morning or weekends?

Just the basics to survive Holland? Whether you’re looking for an affordable online or offline individual/group course, LDO’s got your back. You can learn Dutch in 3 days or in an intensive month. You can opt for intensive group lessons which make pass the inburgering guaranteed or for an intensive survival group course. For beginners, intermediates, upper intermediates or advanced level students.

What are the advantages of learning Dutch, actually? Check out the top 10 reasons for you here!

When following lessons from, you can always ask for help with anything you’re dealing with in the Netherlands. Moving here and starting a new life can be extremely stressful. LDO trainers understand this, and can help you build and manage your new Dutch identity. That’s why an important part of your courses consists of cultural exchange. Also if you have trouble understanding rules and regulations, need help communicating with ‘de gemeente’, want a letter or e-mail to be checked – don’t hesitate to ask your teacher. It’s your Dutch journey and we’re more than happy to help!

Did you know the colour of the Dutch royal house is orange? Orange is the Dutch colour. It’s the colour of our national soccer team as well. No wonder we all dress up in orange during ‘Koningsdag’ (you should try it too, it’s really fun!).

Orange is the Dutch national colour. Ever visited the beautiful Keukenhof?

Get to know the Netherlands with learn Dutch while you learn more about Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Amstelveen, Eindhoven, Hilversum, Groningen and the many other amazing places in our little country. How? By following us on Instagram, sign up for the LDO mailinglist and by simply checking in with the site regularly. We at LDO know our Dutch stuff. From aardbei (=strawberry) to zout (=salt)!

You can also check out a smaller – but very authentic and ‘gezellige’ – city like Den Bosch, for example. Learn Dutch in the city of the Bossche Bol and Hieronymus? Practice your Dutch conversational skills with a LDO teacher in Den Bosch, soon!

Get started in Dutch with one the above courses now.

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